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Occupy Melbourne 2.0- What Goes Around Comes Around

And so it begins. A few days after what may have been the largest protest in Melbourne history (estimates run from between 75000 to 100 000) against the Andrews government and their horrendous and insane “Pandemic Bill” we now find ourselves occupying Parliament. Exactly 10 years and one month to the day after the Occupy movement took over the world in 2011.

Many may not even remember the Occupy movement or Occupy Melbourne, which inspired the creation of this website one year after it’s inception. But the Occupy movement was a worldwide protest against bank bailouts ,corporate theft and political corruption – in other words a protest against fascism.

While the New York protest Occupy Wall Street originally gained some decent numbers for several weeks, the Occupy movement itself slowly faded after weeks or months or police evictions that wanted to prevent protesters from “camping”. Here in Melbourne we had a massive eviction from what used to be City Square and then we played cat and mouse with the police , the council and various groups of drug addicted homeless people (who were welcome in the movement but also had a somewhat disruptive influence at times).

The far left (represented by Socialist Alternative) tried to take over the movement initially, but were shouted down fairly quickly, leaving a motley crew of protesters from all persuasions and a small group of thinkers who were too far ahead of their time to be believed by the mainstream population who largely ignored them.

Despite those obstacles, Occupy Melbourne was one of the longest running “Occupy’s” in the world, running for 2 months and culminating in the famous tent monster parade where tents became clothes and could therefore not be moved on. Later the movement morphed into a Free Shop in 2012 and a Free Kitchen, which ran until 2014.

Then we were asked what we were protesting about and now , here today, the answer has finally occurred to tens of thousands of people : Something is wrong when ordinary people are not allowed to have control over their lives due to massive corporate and political interference.

Then it was the bank bailouts that governments supported with taxpayers money (mainly in the US and Europe) and the fallout from the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) which came about through corporate greed , now it is a pandemic of which many are not too sure that it actually is a pandemic, where the only winners appear to be huge corporations and the political class and democracy has gone out the window , possibly for good.

Not only does wish all the luck in the world to the brave souls who are now venturing on this very tricky path of occupying, we also wish that you have the numbers this time and that this time we the people can actually win, because this time it actually seems possible.

How does it feel to be on the right side of history ?

30 000 Protest Pandemic Bill

The usual spin and misrepresentation from the mainstream media about the protest in Melbourne yesterday, where 30 000 turned up to peacefully demonstrate against the Draconian Pandemic Bill. “Preaching human rights as those among them behaved like animals” “Unvaccinated cohort shrinking by the day”was the verdict by Channel 9. “1000 protesters” was the spin by Sky News. The channel 7 clip was muted , so no idea what bullshit they claimed.

Half my family has been vaccinated, the other half hasn’t, but we are not divided over a medical treatment like so many appear to be, there are bigger issues at stake here. If this bill passes you will have no rights, vaccinated or not. I dare say a good number of the protesters were themselves vaccinated.

In the city shops are empty, cafes and restaurants are mostly empty. It may be different in the suburbs, but it looks like people do not want to show their papers to be given the privilege to shop. The ice cream shop (Spring Street Grocer) next to the Imperial pub near Parliament made a killing serving thousands of protesters who brought their kids and dogs to this family friendly event, which appeared to be happy and peaceful with smiles all around, despite the seriousness of the matter.

March down Swanston and Bourke Streets towards Parliament of Victoria
A few Trump flags. Maybe he would like the job once we sacked Dan?
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