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From The Australian Biosecurity Act 2015

Screenshot_2020-09-30 Biosecurity Act 2015(2)Screenshot_2020-09-30 Biosecurity Act 2015(1)

What this means is that any health measures ordered by the health minister in the case of  a pandemic have to be reasonable,  appropriate,  as non-intrusive as possible , for the shortest period possible and effective, otherwise they can and will be challenged in court. This is also determined by the charter of human rights.

The curfew has gone, and stringent hotel quarantine for all arrivals makes no sense anymore  either, when there is community transmission, which is one reason why it’s about to be scrapped. Other measures like the 5 km rule and universal mask wearing are also being challenged by experts.

 People can and will challenge the fines they received by breaching those measures and are most likely to win, which is why fines that have been put up for review are currently all dismissed, because if a precedent is set in court that the measure was disproportionate the government can be sued by all the people who received such fines.  A class  action is already being prepared by Serene Teffaha and her team at

Fun Times.

Three Songs And The Truth -Van Morrison planning to release not one but three lockdown protest songs

Having truly revealed himself as a man for all seasons, Van the Man is about to drop three bombshells on the unsuspecting political class and the associated legacy media.

The three songs will be released, one at a time, on September 25th (Born to be free) October 9th (As I walked out) and October 23rd (No more Lockdowns)

The famous singer/songwriter has also called upon other musicians to join him in the fight to save live music.

Norther Ireland’s health minister has already referred to the songs as dangerous, which begs the question whether Morrison will actually be able to release the songs through the usual channels of Youtube, Spotify and itunes, who are heavily censoring anti-lockdown rethoric. (Spotify, being based in Sweden will probably go ahead, but might be censored itself) it’s also doubtful that they can be shared on Facebook, as they will probably be “fact-checked” as “false”.

Be prepared to find him on Bitchute.

Her is a taste of the lyrics :

“No more lockdown/No more government overreach/No more fascist bullies/Disturbing our peace/No more taking of our freedom/And our God-given rights/Pretending it’s for our safety/When it’s really to enslave.”

Media Release

MEDIA RELEASE: Successful Anti-Lockdown Flash Protest at Chadstone.

Police were caught completely off-guard today when a few hundred demonstrators descended on Chadstone for a flash protest.

We were able to get in and out in about 50 minutes with so far no known arrests or fines.

However Victoria Police spent many hundreds of thousands of dollars on PORT for today. We consider it their fine for opposing our freedom.

We’re going to relish in this victory.

Organisers attribute their success to careful planning and participants willingness to simply, trust the plan.

We apologise to Victorians on behalf of Victoria Police for their delayed and heavy handed response towards shoppers at Chadstone.



Melbourne – Stasiland 2.0

 After almost 6 months in more or less hard lockdown, Victoria to some extent but  especially the  large area of metropolitan  Melbourne , are now starting to feel very similar to the former “Democratic Republic”  of East Germany, which was neither a republic nor democratic, but a one party communist dictatorship, a country  so wonderful that they built a fence/wall to prevent people from leaving! (Traditionally fences, walls and moats exist to prevent invaders).

Instead of barbed wire fence and a brick wall, we have a “ring of steel”. Instead of the communist rulebook we have the everchanging and incomprehensible “covid ” restrictions, instead of the Stasi we have police hunting down anti maskers in the street, arresting pregnant women for “incitement” on Facebook and in an extreme overreach of power, kicking mentally ill citizens in the head. Now they are working on a rule of incarcerating people  who voice anti government views online, Communist censorship at it’s  finest.

We still have access to some goods and services to keep us quiet, but others, like Australia Post, are buckling under the pressure and it takes an average of 14 days for a parcel to go from one suburb to another, some take much longer.

Now there are rumours flying around that the majority of Victorians are actually in support of Dictator Dan (There is even a “stand with Dan” cult/social media hashtag).

Personally, I find this hard to believe. There may be a small number of people who are not affected by the harsh rules, but most people are now more adversely affected by the lockdown than they are by the threat of Covid.

I have heard many stories of people quietly breaking the rules, leaving their suburb  or even the city to visit friends or family, walking outdoors or even indoors without a a mask (or positioning the mask below the nose), staying out longer than the prescribed one hour a day. Aussies are good at superficially complying while quietly doing whatever they want, as long as they can get away with it.

The majority of East German citizens also superficially complied with their one party state and draconian rules. One reason was that the government ensured full employment for all, so everybody had a job, government childcare and a roof over their head, even if most lived in ugly housing commission style flats and had to wait 10 years to buy a car.

They were also forced to comply because neighbours were encouraged to spy on each other and dob each other in for any anti communist sentiment. The threat was not just a fine, but incarceration, sometimes for years.

But as the Sovjet empire crumbled and loosened it’s hold on Germany and Bruce Springsteen played a 4 hour concert for half the citizens of East Berlin that was also broadcast on tv, they very quickly and suddenly had a major revolution and there weren’t too many people not taking part because in reality everyone knew that communism was a pile of horseshit. Even the notoriously taciturn borderguards were grinning from ear to ear, as they were letting people through the open gates.

At this stage Melbournians are still biding their time. Some of them still believe this will end soon and the outcome will be worth it. But if yesterday is anything to go by, there were more people on Elwood beach flouting the rules than ‘official ‘ protesters and travel around the city has increased for four weeks straight.

What will it take for Australians to say enough is enough , take to the streets in massive protests , throw away their masks and open their businesses and pubs without government permission ?

Two things: the jobseeker/ beekeeper payments will reduce in a week’s time, but the real reason will be Christmas. You do not take Christmas away from Aussies, it is simply impossible! Just like the Muslims would not give up on their family Ramadans, which brought on Victoria’s second or first wave, which ever way you prefer.

And Christmas in Victoria , as we all know, begins with the lead up shopping frenzy just after Cup Day and the mad socializing /catching up in all of December.

Of course Dick-tator Dan’s “roadmap” ends the lockdown supposedly in late October for that very reason, but there is no guarantee that he actually will, because as the world realizes that the Covid threat was nothing but a mass panic that mostly killed those who would have died this year anyway plus a few unlucky extras, Dan will be doubling down and by late October he will potentially not just be battling Covid, but all respiratory viruses in eternal lockdown. Then he can sell the economically ruined state of Victoria to China for peanuts , become rich himself for brokering the deal and retire to Queensland.

Make no mistake, like all dictators, he is a self-serving hypocrite and he will not stop until he is stopped and those who stand with Dan will also fall with him. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait 27 years to see it happen.

The Pan(Dan)ic Is The Real Conspiracy

Shared from an unknown author :

“Six months.

That’s how long you’ve been voluntarily locked in your own homes.

Six months.

And every time the government extends that end date you nod your head wisely and agree “it’s for our safety”.

You spent two decades calling out the corruption in the government and now you suddenly believe that they have a vested interest in keeping you all as safe as can be.

“Well it’s a pandemic” you say. Somehow that seems to mean that they’ve had a change of heart.

We went from “flatten the curve” to some sort of brutal elimination strategy and you agree that it needs to be done.

You ignore the scientific fact that a virus cannot be eliminated, it can only be managed.

You feed on the fear like it’s giving you life. You refuse to acknowledge the fact that unless you are over 80 and have a compromised immune system, it has a 99.9% survival rate.

You refuse to acknowledge the fact that in spite of EVERYTHING we are doing supposedly to protect the elderly, it is still the elderly who are dying.

You walk around with bacterial-infested face diapers over your mouth, without any proper fitting or training in how to wear them, and believe that it’s an effective safety measure. Ignoring the science that shows that they do not work. It’s the new tinfoil hat.

You discredit the thousands of medical experts, scientists and researchers standing up all over the globe to say that we’ve gotten this all wrong, and go back to believing in your government and their select group of “experts”.

You ignore the doctors in aged care facilities telling you that these people are not dying OF C0VID, but WITH C0VID.

You ignore the elderly people telling you that they feel like they have been abandoned and left to rot and have nothing to live for, and keep telling yourselves that you’re “keeping them safe”.

In fact, if they dare to go out in the streets and protest to be free, you label them “crazy old bats”. “Somebody come get their grandpa, he escaped the nursing home.”

You laugh when it’s pointed out that we are turning into a police state and a dictatorship, while you watch Daniel Andrews and Victoria Police openly abusing the extended powers they have been granted and nod your heads again – “good on you for keeping us safe from the DANGEROUS CRIMINALS”.

Never mind that actual convicted criminals are being released onto our streets and having their prison sentences reduced.

No, you must be kept safe from those dangerous people who just want to take their dog for a walk and breathe in fresh air.

The data is freely available and yet you don’t have a problem with the fact that you don’t talk about the daily recovery rates, you don’t talk about the daily negative test rates.

You don’t want to hear about the flawed models, the fraudulent data, the empty hospitals, the inflated numbers, the inefficacy of the tests, the mislabelling of deaths, the medical malpractice, the underlying health conditions, the co-morbidities, the case-fatality ratios, the gag orders, the financial incentives, the problematic treatment protocol, the hundreds of variables that have contributed to the numbers held up in this “pandemic”.

Not even if it’s an epidemiologist, a structural biologist, a professor of medicine, an Italian Parliamentarian, who’s talking about it. Are members of Yale, Oxford, Stanford and Carnegie-Melon, some of the world’s most renowned universities, simply producing “junk” science from “nut-job” scientists and researchers?

You want it to be “scientific” but don’t have an issue with the fact that in NO country has there been a valid control group to extrapolate the data for the relevant population as far as these lockdowns and restrictions and their efficacy goes.

In fact, you ignore the scientists telling you they don’t believe it has had any effect.

You ignore the surgeons with decades of experience and experts in peer reviewing scientific studies who point out the holes in the “new research” that has quickly been done to demonstrate the need

for masks. Even when experts tell you that it is not credible, you still repeat “ScIenCe”.

You say “trust the experts”, but “not THAT doctor, not THAT epidemiologist, not THAT expert. It has to be science. But not THAT science”. And frankly, this narrative is getting old.

You don’t know about the investigations that they’ve done into the deaths in Italy, in the US, and you don’t even want to.

You don’t want to know about the number of people who have died because they were refused medical care for their primary issue, while they were tested or treated for C0VID.

Medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death worldwide, but there’s not even a possibility that any of these deaths have anything to do with that. Oh no, it’s ALL the C0VID virus.

You threaten those suggesting the fear is overplayed, with being hospitalised and put on a ventilator, ignoring the fact that ventilation is playing a huge role in people dying from COVID, and that they have no intention of going to a hospital if they get sick.

90% of ventilated patients die, but if you know how to treat your immune system you have a much better chance to fight off a virus.

You won’t even consider treatment protocols as a factor. You won’t even consider natural health and methods of boosting and strengthening your immune system.

You trust in immune suppression and call it “healthcare”.

You believe those who tout models that have turned out be imbecilic, but dismiss the testimonies of those who have nothing to gain by coming forward.

You refuse to follow the money. You refuse to look even a fraction deeper beyond the daily news and government press conferences on your television.

You refuse to do anything but repeat the mantras that you’ve been taught.

You don’t want to hear about the people breaking down because they’re being kept from their family members in their final hours. The people who can’t even say goodbye, are not allowed to bury them.

You call people losing their businesses, their livelihoods, everything they have worked their entire life for, even their friends to suicide, “childish” people throwing a “tantrum” that they can’t “go drink at the pub”.

You don’t even have the time to listen to what they’re actually trying to say because you’re too busy filling your head with media panic and ignoring the facts.

While people are literally taking their own lives as a result of the C0VID panic that has been instilled in them.

You just plan to sit at home, forever if need be, until a magic vaccine is found to shoot the virus you’ve been avoiding this whole time straight into your veins.

While the economy crashes down around you, while thousands lose everything, even their lives, labelled some sort of “sacrifice” for “the greater good”.

The greater good being sacrificing the lives and health of the many, for the sake of the few who are DYING ANYWAY in spite of every measure that has been taken.

While you repeat “It’s for our safety, it’s for our safety, it’s for our safety” like mindless individuals who have lost the ability to think for themselves.

You don’t want to hear about facts. You want to hear about fear.

And you say that WE’RE the conspiracy theorists” – Author Unknown

Lockdown Protests Week 3


Stick Your ‘Rona Virus Up Your Arse…

Melbourne Lockdown Protest Today 13/9/20

The announcement has just been made that the protest is happening at Queen Vic Market.

Good Luck.

Melbourne Lockdown Protests Weekend 12/13 September

MELBOURNE — Sunday 13th of September
The Big One
Sunday Surprise
11am. Queen Vic Market Outside meat hall

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