Pandemic Perspectives

Apparently 30% of Australians got Swine flu in the Southern hemisphere winter of 2009. I was one of them along with my whole family. Why did the other 70% not get it then, even though there were no restrictions in place? Could not have been the vaccine, because that did not become available until December that year. By that stage the death rate had already been revised down from 8% to 0.2%.

I am not a medical expert, but I get the feeling that there is more to herd immunity than 60% of people getting a virus. There could be such a thing as low grade inoculation simply by the virus being swirled around in the air and people breathing it in .

Viruses are not bacteria, they  behave strangely , they appear to have their own intelligence. A virus wants to survive and become endemic, it does this by mutating in a fashion that doesn’t kill the host. It kills the old and frail because it doesn’t take much to tip them over the edge. There is a  remedy for that, it is called is human reproduction. The young know this, which is why they still gather and have parties.

That is why humanity has survived viruses for thousands of years.

All of a sudden we want to outwit a virus by putting certain draconian measures into place. But it’s not working, the cure appears to be worse than the disease. Are we overthinking things?

When you look at what is going on in the rest of the world, lockdowns only work temporarily , when they are over the virus comes back. Sure, Taiwan, New Zealand are on top of things, but at what cost?

What about all cost for all the extra medical staff and contract tracers, the security staff, police and army ? Not to mention the cost to the economy.

It looks like when all things are considered, the death rate of this virus is 1%, most of them over 70. That is quite high, when compared with other respiratory diseases, but it’s far from a plague. This death rate is outweighed by the death rate caused from near apocalyptic economic fallout, which affects younger people disproportionally.

We are killing life to save lives.

It’s insanity.

Slowing down the spread by allowing sick people to stay home and people not sneezing all over each other is a good idea, so is protecting the vulnerable by helping them to stay in voluntary isolation, but it seems all other measures are more or less futile in the long run.


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