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Big Tech Censorship Of Potential Covid 19 Cure Evidence


A press conference by doctors promoting the use of hydroxychloroquine has been censored by the major tech conglomerates as Facebook , Google and Twitter make themselves the gatekeepers of medical opinions.

The video was also removed from the account of  Donald Trump , who shared it on Twitter. Let that sink in : Twitter is censoring the president of the United States!

But has this method of censorship backfired on the powers that ought not to be?

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth points out the fact that the banning of the video is starting to go just as viral as the video itself which gives us a glimmer of hope that not all is lost when it comes to battling misinformation during this post Covid-19(84) nightmare .


Lizzy Rose calls out compulsory masks as unlawful.



Melbourne “Psychic” , witch and now also conspiracytard, Lizzy Rose is being hated on by the mask Karens, but she does have a point :while mask wearing may be lawful under state of emergency legislation, it is certainly far from proven scientifically that masks help slow the spread in any substantial way, which makes the mandatory wearing of masks more than a little dubious.

Good on her for standing up for herself, personally I would prefer to avoid Bunnings altogether right now, the insanity is just too much to cope with.

The media likes to make a strawman out of people like Lizzie by painting her as crazy, so
no-one wants to be associated with that and they all  dutifully wear their masks, made in China of course. In reality , many, including doctors, scientists , lawmakers and politicians are questioning the use of masks , especially the mandatory use of insufficient masks like bandannas by healthy people outdoors.
You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to realize that something very Orwellian and dystopian is going on right now.
Masks have some value when worn by people in crowded environments, because people are spreading the virus often before they know they are sick, but ONLY if they are N95 masks, scarves and bandannas don’t count.
Meanwhile Dandrews has stuffed up the aged care protection (claiming he is not responsible for it, as it is federally run), even though there was a lot to learn from other countries and NSW.
He is tough on the public, but cannot run a proper quarantine program to save himself.

As for Lizzie the  “Psychic”, she has always been a bit of  a performer and media whore, I’m guessing she is finding a new audience in the conspiracy community, now that the pagan community has pretty much cast her out.

Undoubtedly she is planning to sell her $750 exorcisms to the people who believe in lizard aliens and demons or literally the devil himself.

Freeman Anti Masker Having Fun With the Cops

Trust Chairman Dandrews going too far yet again and making masks compulsory even in suburban outdoor settings, (well, unless you are smoking, drinking, eating or jogging). If he was wasn’t so stubbornly heavyhanded, he would attract less opposition , but he simply cannot stop implementing draconian rules that make no sense, except in the context of total obedience to the state.

The freeman-on-the-land movement, is a loose group of individuals who believe that they are bound by statute laws only if they consent to those laws. They believe that they can therefore declare themselves independent of the government and the rule of law, holding that the only “true” law is their own interpretation of “common law” based on the constitution

The problem is, it’s more a philosophy than law (An “alternative” law) and because the government is armed, their statutes are usually enforced at gunpoint.

Philosophically speaking, Freeman law does stand up as valid, and our society would be better if it did apply rather than our Australian 20+ million statutes and counting.

As it is, though,Freeman law is a game protesters play, sometimes well, if the police are inexperienced, but these day it’s more widely know about and the cops have upped their game. Also, it does not tend to stand up in court.

Still, the lady has a point and I applaud her for her courage: the mask law is probably unlawful and therefore she can just take her fine to court and will probably win, no need to wrestle with the cops.

Alternatively, she can just try to circumvent the law by smoking or drinking while wearing the mask on her head or a more or less useless scarf, which Dandrews declared acceptable  and which proves the “law” has nothing to do with virus  safety  but rather exists to normalize mask wearing in order to create a dystopian society.

Free Legal Advice

Not only will it be too expensive but after the inquiry into the hotel quarantine bungle the government and all it’s mandates will be made illegal.

legal advice

Melbourne Dystopia – Compulsory Masks

After months of governments telling us masks are ineffective and we’ll do more harm than good by wearing a mask they now want to mandate wearing a mask.

What a bunch of fools.

Are the Vic government going to ensure there is sufficient supply at a reasonable price? Or are they gonna say, use a scarf , it’s just as good? It isn’t. But why not go the full Burka ? Especially since the virus is mainly spreading in the Muslim community but no-one wants to talk about that because that would be racist.


Here is the science on masks with regard to coronavirus:

Covid 19 virus particle size averages 125 nanometers (0.125 microns) … the range is 0.06 microns to 0.14 microns … one needs a electron microscope to see a Covid-19 virus particle.
A N95 mask filters down to 0.3 microns.
A N95 mask blocks few if any irons. (Virus particles)
This means N95 masks do not work, no wonder so many medical staff are getting infected.

Other surgical masks, home made and handkerchiefs do the following:
Allow free passage both ways ( in and out of the masks) of COVID-19 microns.
They become a warm damp or moist reservoir of COVID-19 particles in asymptomatic carriers. (estimated to be 85% of all people tested)

Even if masks did work, which they don’t, they would only make sense in enclosed environments, but oh no, in Coronadanistopistan, masks will have to be worn even if you are in a deserted street walking by yourself while eating butter chicken that you purchased in your own suburb.

Back to more  draconian measures, which will, of course, achieve absolutely nothing except enrich the Victorian governments coffers and make Dan appear as if he is actually doing something when in reality the horse has bolted and he is grasping at straws.
Like Trump in this cartoon,I would also choose to wear the mask over my eyes, so I don’t have to look at the stupidity of it all. As long as there is a mask near my face, Chairman Dan should be happy and I’ll save 200 bucks. Win/win.


Melbourne Stage 8 Lockdown


Pandemic Perspectives

Apparently 30% of Australians got Swine flu in the Southern hemisphere winter of 2009. I was one of them along with my whole family. Why did the other 70% not get it then, even though there were no restrictions in place? Could not have been the vaccine, because that did not become available until December that year. By that stage the death rate had already been revised down from 8% to 0.2%.

I am not a medical expert, but I get the feeling that there is more to herd immunity than 60% of people getting a virus. There could be such a thing as low grade inoculation simply by the virus being swirled around in the air and people breathing it in .

Viruses are not bacteria, they  behave strangely , they appear to have their own intelligence. A virus wants to survive and become endemic, it does this by mutating in a fashion that doesn’t kill the host. It kills the old and frail because it doesn’t take much to tip them over the edge. There is a  remedy for that, it is called is human reproduction. The young know this, which is why they still gather and have parties.

That is why humanity has survived viruses for thousands of years.

All of a sudden we want to outwit a virus by putting certain draconian measures into place. But it’s not working, the cure appears to be worse than the disease. Are we overthinking things?

When you look at what is going on in the rest of the world, lockdowns only work temporarily , when they are over the virus comes back. Sure, Taiwan, New Zealand are on top of things, but at what cost?

What about all cost for all the extra medical staff and contract tracers, the security staff, police and army ? Not to mention the cost to the economy.

It looks like when all things are considered, the death rate of this virus is 1%, most of them over 70. That is quite high, when compared with other respiratory diseases, but it’s far from a plague. This death rate is outweighed by the death rate caused from near apocalyptic economic fallout, which affects younger people disproportionally.

We are killing life to save lives.

It’s insanity.

Slowing down the spread by allowing sick people to stay home and people not sneezing all over each other is a good idea, so is protecting the vulnerable by helping them to stay in voluntary isolation, but it seems all other measures are more or less futile in the long run.


Know Your Letters


Fine me if you dare, says cat


Unconstitutional Lockdowns Don’t Work And They Never Will

Melbourne has been plunged into another lockdown to ward of the spread of coronavirus. In a positively dystopian display of force, the police and the army have been deployed to form a ring of (blue) steel around metropolitan Melbourne, while drones and number plate recognition are used to catch trespassers into country Victoria or worse, NSW.

Chairman Dan is seen on TV urging people to stay home and follow the rules, which amount to nothing less but a kind of home imprisonment.

Have we learnt nothing from the previous 10 weeks of lockdown?

Lockdowns don’t work. Anybody who believes they do is a delusional fool.

What they do , is kick the can down the road while taking a away people’s liberty and running the economy against the wall.

After 10 weeks of lockdown combined with international  border control and hotel quarantine , things were looking up in Victoria, but it was only a small window of reprieve. It turned out that while police was busy fining people for fishing or leisure driving, the hotel quarantine for incoming travelers had been mismanaged and the virus got out into the community.

One of the reasons lockdowns don’t work is that people override the rules. The police can not be everywhere and fine everybody. They would be especially reluctant to interfere in some migrant communities where aggressive behavior is common.

They claimed it was impossible to fine the BLM matter protesters, all 10 000 of them who flaunted the rules of social distancing.

Now the “authorities” believe they can contain Melbourne (just like they thought they could contain a few postcodes), but it’s only a matter of time until the virus leaks out into the surrounding countryside and a full statewide lockdown will probably follow in 2 weeks time (and that’s optimistic, it may be less than a week.)

Even if the virus does not leak it will require too many police resources to stop people from leaving Melbourne’s enormous metropolitan area.

And then what? We go for 6 weeks or possible longer as Dan Andrews is already threatening?

Why does the government not understand that we cannot have infinite lockdowns to save a few people at the expense of millions?

Lockdowns don’t work, not only because we can never rely on everybody to do the right thing, but because even when we weld people into apartments, the virus still exists somewhere in the world and will find another way in.

The only way this ends is by reasonable social distancing measures, banning mass events (with huge fines for organizers)  and protecting the vulnerable  while allowing the virus to spread slowly among the youngWP_20200708_11_33_56_Pro Working from home and online schooling are also good options  for stopping the spread.

It’s ridiculous to say that children are harmed by not attending school. Humanity survived for centuries without  mandatory schooling  and people still manged to learn  and develop.

Children still need to socialize, but a ban on mandatory school attendance is necessary to protect vulnerable parents and grandparents. School could remain optional for those who want or need it.

The young adult population are the ones least likely to be affected by the virus. They are also the ones who are most  negatively affected by lockdown and resulting job loss and isolation.

They will rebel and flaunt the rules, thereby causing the virus to burn itself out among them and creating a herd immunity scenario that will allow us all to move on.

They will be the ones to save us  from ourselves because they will be forced to save themselves from  politicians and their misguided and misinformed draconian measures.


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