“Black Lives Matter” Riot Travesty Coming To Town

After reading that the current BLM riots in the USA have cost 5 additional lives (all of them black), not to mention countless injuries and massive looting  and  property destruction, it has become obvious that a significant part of the black community , stupidly brainwashed by Antifa and the Anti -Trump brigade and fueled by frustrations caused by the coronavirus lockdown, does not care about their own people AT ALL, they are simply behaving like rabies infested monkeys on steroids for the heck of it.

There would have been few people who were not horrified by the homicide of George Floyd , but I’m sure justice will prevail, even though neither justice nor riots will bring him back, at least another psychopath will be behind bars and unable to hurt others.

But the fact is, black people die all the time in enormous numbers as a result of their own unhealthy and/or criminal lifestyle. They don’t really care, because black lives DON’t matter to other blacks, only when whites kill blacks, then all hell breaks loose.

If anything, the riots prove that these people cannot be reasoned with and it’s no surprise that some police are fed up and losing their sanity over having to deal with these fucktards every day .

So now these “protests” have come to Australia, which was to be expected because  we follow all American fashion. Some estimates claim that 30 000  people are planning to descend on Melbourne alone, with our dear leader Chairman Dan cheering them on and refusing to arrest or fine anybody for breaking  “social distancing” rules.

I was not a fan of Dan’s more draconian lockdown rules, like stopping people from fishing or sitting on a park bench or even visiting their mothers , but trying to slow the spread of the virus and giving the health system time to catch up was the right idea and even Sweden has banned large events. Now it looks like it’s all going to be undone in one single day, because clearly we are not talking about a small group of people with a few placards , but a dangerous and intense situation unfolding.

As a result we are going to see a massive second wave of the virus in Victoria, which will affect the physical and economic health of all Victorians .

Chairman Dan, of course, will blame Trump.

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