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Good Morning America !

Good Morning

Boomers Up In Arms Because Millenials Choose Surfing Over Work During Corona

Amongst all the corona angst and the resulting masses of unemployed, often young people (millenials) the boomer whingers are still turning out in force to accuse young jobseeker recipients of bludging.

Apparently  restaurant owners across the nation are having trouble finding casual staff, because what casual staff may earn is similar to the current double jobseeker payment. (Around $2000 a month). There are rumours of many of them frequenting beaches and surf spots rather than looking for work.

At the same time  the Victorian health minister is blaming millenials for not social distancing (unless it’s in the government approved form of working at Bunnings or taking part in a faketevist  BLM protest).

On one hand they are supposed to be working, on the other they are meant to stay at home.

That about sums up all the confusing advice handed out by the government in these strange times.

Now, as for businesses who want to hire casual staff : why would anyone in their right mind take on a casual job right now, if they could lose that job again in a month’s time and then have to reapply for jobseeker and not have any money for weeks? In fact, the same goes for permanent jobs. With corona still going around, there are no guarantees that there may not be another massive shutdown, especially if things spiral out of control in Victoria.

I guess the go-to casual workers relied upon in such a situation would be Kiwis and foreign students from India and China who are now thin on the ground.

And we are not really talking about a few hours a week casual which still leave you with a partial jobseeker payment,  but jobs that should be permanent- part -time with longterm employment guarantee and benefits.

Business owners who have had the benefit of exploiting their staff  for decades are now dumbfounded as to why people would rather go surfing than work in appalling , unstable conditions.

Since the economy is now good and fucked for years to come, due to unnecessary shutdown, I think surfing is a great option and should be encouraged . It gets you out in the fresh and sun, plenty of vitamin D and of course you are also social distancing ! At least you cannot be blamed for wanting to kill Nanna.




There’s something Rotten In The People’s Republic Of Victoria

coroana dan

NSW  premier Gladys Berejiklian has issued a warning not to travel to Victoria because Victoria, you see, is rotting from the inside, infested with Corona-virus, up to 49 whole  cases a day now, which is about 4 times as much as the daily caseload in NSW !

The question now is, how could this happen? How could Victoria drop the ball so badly, when  it had the harshest lockdown restrictions in the nation , where even single family members could not visit each other for nearly three months, where people were fined for driving in the wrong suburb,  golfing,  fishing  or sitting by themselves on a park bench?

It might be, because our government, run by delusional fools led by a communist style dictator Dan Andrews, really believed the virus could be kept to minimal numbers by enforcing said draconian lockdown, not realizing that they were simply kicking the can down the road and once things opened up, the virus would spread again.

Now even  49 cases a day is not very much when we compare with the numbers from the rest of the world, but they are sure to rise exponentially in the next weeks.

One reason for the “outbreak”  were non-compliance  with  the rules by – wouldn’t you know it,  Muslim families celebrating Eid. Of course it took a full 3 days for this little juicy bit of knowledge to emerge, until then they were simply “families” that flouted the rules. Families? How about a bunch of religious lunatics who are simply unable to exist without their rostered seasonal  observances.

But speaking of lunatics, the ‘Black Lives Matter Most’ movement and their phony grievances –  run by the far far-out  left  -who want to see everything burn, could not wait  to go  their ideologically driven ritual marches and that in a city where the Footy is still the number one religion but  banned until further notice.  Of course they had the blessing of the government to go ahead unfined , mainly because there were simply too many of them and it could have turned into an ugly bloodbath with police, or possibly the army.

Of course other states had those protests too and have not yet seen a rise in cases. To that I can only say : Just you wait, it will take another week  to reach two infection cycles and I will bet my hat that  cases in other states will rise too. Like Italy in Europe and New York in the States, Victoria is simply the first to succumb.

The truth is, respiratory viruses are designed to be transmitted and we are designed to get them. Lockdowns don’t work for several reasons and they destroy economies, but mainly , unless you practically threaten people with being welded into apartments,  people will always find a way to circumvent the restrictions, maybe because they are young and not at risk, maybe because they don’t believe in the existence of the virus or maybe because they understand the risks and still don’t care. You will never ever get 100% compliance and because of that , there will be outbreaks once the lockdown is lifted. And the stricter the lockdown, the more people will rebel against the restrictions.

There is no doubt that the virus is real and deadly to a vast number of old/sick people, but it’s gonna do it’s thing, despite our best efforts.  Even countries (or states) that have had few cases and brought their numbers down to zero will eventually have to open their borders to ward off economic ruin. And then what ??

Coronavirus cannot be controlled. We have to learn to live with it. It’s just a shame the economy had to be ruined for that lesson to be learnt.

True Evil :Teenage Girl Almost Gets Killed By A Gang Of 8 Black Muslim Girls At Southern Cross Station

After the video cuts out, things got even worse :  she was dragged on the ground and stomped on. She ended up with bruises, broken ribs and a broken cheekbone. There were plenty of bystanders who were too afraid to interfere, which makes the whole thing even more disgusting. I can’t imagine that the bystanders were afraid of a bunch of teenage girls, no, what they were clearly afraid of  being labelled racist if they had interfered.

Afterwards the perpetrators proudly posted the video of their abuse on social media.  The victim is now afraid to make a police statement, but even if she did, the girls would only get a slap on the wrist due to their young age  and then probably send their brothers to finish her off.

The story appeared on 7 news a few nights ago but then pretty much got disappeared of mainstream media, because the powers that be are afraid of escalation. Or maybe because they are delusional.

Or maybe, just maybe,  because only black lives matter now.

Wow. Just Wow.

The World Has Gone Completely Bonkers But There is Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Censorship of art and movies from recent history due to treatment of Blacks, Black lives matter riots out of control, Seattle autonomous zone reminiscent of Occupy…only more violent, a police force both embattled and out of control, a centrist President painted as literally Hitler by the media…but yeah, there is an explanation for all that by Styx Hexenhammer666 : it’s history repeating itself and it’s about to snuff itself out. The left will break into smaller and smaller groups and the infighting will finish things off.

The Coming Post Leftist Era:

Facebook likes Matter


“White Person, You Are My Bitch”

This was handed out to white supporters ahead  of the BLM protest in Melbourne today.


Candace Owens Tells It like It Is

“Black Lives Matter” Riot Travesty Coming To Town

After reading that the current BLM riots in the USA have cost 5 additional lives (all of them black), not to mention countless injuries and massive looting  and  property destruction, it has become obvious that a significant part of the black community , stupidly brainwashed by Antifa and the Anti -Trump brigade and fueled by frustrations caused by the coronavirus lockdown, does not care about their own people AT ALL, they are simply behaving like rabies infested monkeys on steroids for the heck of it.

There would have been few people who were not horrified by the homicide of George Floyd , but I’m sure justice will prevail, even though neither justice nor riots will bring him back, at least another psychopath will be behind bars and unable to hurt others.

But the fact is, black people die all the time in enormous numbers as a result of their own unhealthy and/or criminal lifestyle. They don’t really care, because black lives DON’t matter to other blacks, only when whites kill blacks, then all hell breaks loose.

If anything, the riots prove that these people cannot be reasoned with and it’s no surprise that some police are fed up and losing their sanity over having to deal with these fucktards every day .

So now these “protests” have come to Australia, which was to be expected because  we follow all American fashion. Some estimates claim that 30 000  people are planning to descend on Melbourne alone, with our dear leader Chairman Dan cheering them on and refusing to arrest or fine anybody for breaking  “social distancing” rules.

I was not a fan of Dan’s more draconian lockdown rules, like stopping people from fishing or sitting on a park bench or even visiting their mothers , but trying to slow the spread of the virus and giving the health system time to catch up was the right idea and even Sweden has banned large events. Now it looks like it’s all going to be undone in one single day, because clearly we are not talking about a small group of people with a few placards , but a dangerous and intense situation unfolding.

As a result we are going to see a massive second wave of the virus in Victoria, which will affect the physical and economic health of all Victorians .

Chairman Dan, of course, will blame Trump.

It took 8 months for Noor to get charged


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