Worldwide Lockdowns Misguided and Counterproductive claims Epidemiologist. Video now removed from Youtube.

Dr. Knut Wittkowski, a German-American research scientist and epidemiologist who has been involved with the modelling of pandemics for almost 4 decades claims that the lockdowns practiced by most Western nations are misguided and counterproductive, as they achieve very little apart from prolonging the epidemic while” running the economy against the wall”.

(NOTE:  the above video , Perspectives on the Pandemic,  2nd interview with Knut Wittkowski, has now been removed from Youtube for being too “controversial” , here it is on bitchute :

He claims that the epidemic is similar to the seasonal flu, albeit with a slightly larger death rate , especially among the old and frail. Epidemics usually run for 4 weeks  and then burn themselves out when herd immunity is reached. Coronavirus is no different.

Locking up the young and healthy is a mistake, because it prevents society from approaching and achieving herd immunity, which is the only way for this epidemic to end.  All the lockdowns achieve is to slow the spread, they do not prevent the spread, so in effect the lockdowns have been an enormous waste of time and money.

It would have been far more preferable to let the virus run wild amongst the young and healthy, while protecting and isolating the old and the immune compromised.

Most badly corona- affected nations are already approaching herd immunity, while nations who have suppressed the virus have painted themselves into a corner, as they have to keep their borders closed until their is a vaccine is developed (which means potentially forever).

In Australia the curve began to flatten within two weeks of the first measures taken, which was to ban large events and instill social distancing in places like cinemas and restaurants. If we had kept going this way, we would have had a slightly larger caseload but still flattened the curve enough for the Health system to cope. Closing the borders while the epidemic raged overseas was also wise, because it allowed the virus to spread more slowly in Australia, but border closure can not continue indefinitely either.

Sweden, an outlier in the fight against Covid 19 has only taken basic measures of banning gatherings over 50 , social distancing in indoor venues like cinemas or restaurants and long distance learning for school and university students over 16 while protecting the old and immune compromised. Sweden had not ordered a lockdown nor even closed it’s borders. Now it looks not only as if Sweden has been successful, it also looks like most countries will now have to take similar measures, as lockdowns cannot continue indefinitely because of the hardship and economic devastation they cause.

Instead of flattening the curve Australia and New Zealand have attempted to crush the curve. Unfortunately it is not possible to eradicate a virus without herd immunity (either through spread or mass vaccination). Yes, it is possible to contain some viruses ,Ebola for example, especially if they are not very contagious, but this virus spreads through the air and is extremely contagious in closed spaces, so the only way to stop the spread would be to “put everyone in a negative pressure chamber”.

It follows that the draconian lockdowns  that were decreed in Australia, especially in Victoria ,  have been and are  still complete overkill that achieves nothing whatsoever apart from creating confusion for all and misery for many  in what is now essentially a police state.

Closing parks and beaches, preventing people from fishing and playing golf to prevent a virus that does not spread outdoors, will  potentially go down in the history of bad and stupid ideas as number one.  In fact, the much maligned young people that crowded onto Bondi Beach a month ago were right to do so. The many anti-lockdown protesters in the USA are also correct.

We are ruining the lives and futures of all young people for the sake of some old people who would probably soon die from other causes. We are also ruining the last months or years of many old  and/ or terminally ill people, who cannot socialise with their friends or see their families. This does not make any sense.

All we did was copy China, a country that has very little regard for human happiness and individual freedom, a country that tried to cover up this virus and then locked down too late and welded people into apartments, when herd immunity was already approaching. It is no surprise that the most stringent and yet most ineffective measures were taken by the most socialist Leaders, Dan Andrews in Victoria and Jacinda Ardern in NZ. Socialism appears to be a brain disease far more worrisome than any flu.

Here is the second video. Watch them both and be prepared to be catapulted into awareness. (now removed)

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