Hey ( Corona) 19

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No wonder so many are confused.

So, the collective advice regarding the Corona Virus Covid19 from health authorities around the world can be summarized as follows

1) Wear a mask when going outside, Don’t wear a mask it won’t make any difference.
2) Don’t shake hands or physically greet people, practice socially distancing. Carry on life as normal your risk of catching the virus is low.
3) The people at risk are the elderly, and very young. Children are not at risk, very few are catching this and it’s only mild.
4) The fatality rate is [insert guess] So be warned/calm down.
5) Be sure to have a few food supplies and water on hand at home to be prepared. Don’t stock up there is no need.
6) Over 80% of people will only be very mild. For heavens sakes don’t go to hospital if you are unwell phone ahead so staff can prepare and put on masks and protective gear.
7) Don’t attend large gatherings or events, yes send your children to school.
8 ) Only those with symptoms can spread the illness, you may shed the disease for 14 (or 24 or 29) days before symptoms. You can shed the illness after recovery.
9) You can get the illness again, you can’t catch the illness a second time.
10) This is a pandemic, this isn’t a pandemic, this might become a pandemic, pandemic is not a helpful word. Pandemic is a bit racist.
11) This came from a wet market, bat, dead snake, a virus laboratory, was a bioweapon, was a Star Trek movie plot, probably caused by 5G.
12) The Pope has and hasn’t got COVID19.
13) There’s no need to cancel travel, people should cancel unnecessary travel.
14) Pets cannot contract or carry Coronavirus, this is not a zoonotic disease, this is a zoonotic disease and has infected at least two confirmed cases of pet dogs, it’s unknown if pets can be infected calm down.
15) Wash your hands, cough into your elbow, stay home if you are sick.
16) Only trust reliable sources of information and don’t read social media.

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