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Level 5 restrictions leaked

Level 5 restrictions

Fatten the curve


I was going to tell you all about opportunistic landlords getting mortgage rate reductions, and at the same time putting up the rent. I was going to tell you about Chinese investment firms driving up the price of housing in Australia to make more profits and make it easier to launder money. I was going to tell you that the courts are closed and a cough is the modern day weapon of mass destruction.

But I told you none of that.

I think Occupy  proved it was not possible to live in tents in a park and not be mercilessly harassed by the government and corporate servants. So the tent is probably not an option for you.

But you knew that.

I just showed you a picture and you figured out the rest by yourselves.

You know that 1 million people were fired this week and that only half of this number is 3% of the Australian population.

You also knew this:

The USA gained independence by fighting and defeating the world super power with just 3% of it own population deciding to fight.

You are also aware that every other country in the world is busy fighting it’s own battle with SARS-Corona 2  aka COVID -19, and there are no reinforcements coming from anywhere.

Lets face it, if you can’t just select a moment at random and go to a supermarket and buy toilet paper, the government has failed.

What is wrong with the Germ Theory?

via What is wrong with the Germ Theory?

AU stock market crashes: ASX down 7.9%

It’s over.

ASX down 7point9 pc

What we always feared , what we always warned you about, has now occurred: A second even worse version of 2008, possibly even worse than 1929. Never has being proven right felt so hollow.

We now have a global pandemic of a Corona virus (Covid 19), quarantines, hoarding, profiteering from panic buying, a breakdown of China (the worlds factory). For Australia this is following severe drought, Bush fires, dust storms, golf ball sized hail, and floods.

AU 40 days

Last week we saw panic buying of toilet paper to the point of empty shelves, fights in supermarkets over toilet paper. Why the shortage of toilet paper? Because China has stopped making enough toilet paper and is now using ‘Daigu’ to import it from other countries such as Australia, creating local shortages from bulk buying at supermarkets.



That is your entree to the main meal, ‘Lord of the flies’.

I now have to figure out how to incorporate a piece of sheep spine and a few shiny cultic trinkets into a workable boar speak. Gotta keep up with the Jones’s you know!

Job Opportunity Awaits ! Make Big Money !

Job opportunities for” no job people and lazy housewife”.  You can make big money stealing toilet paper from people who need it and sell it to other people who need it for $100 a roll. Or was that $1000? I might take them up on it.



Hey ( Corona) 19

SHARED FROM  Facebook.

No wonder so many are confused.

So, the collective advice regarding the Corona Virus Covid19 from health authorities around the world can be summarized as follows

1) Wear a mask when going outside, Don’t wear a mask it won’t make any difference.
2) Don’t shake hands or physically greet people, practice socially distancing. Carry on life as normal your risk of catching the virus is low.
3) The people at risk are the elderly, and very young. Children are not at risk, very few are catching this and it’s only mild.
4) The fatality rate is [insert guess] So be warned/calm down.
5) Be sure to have a few food supplies and water on hand at home to be prepared. Don’t stock up there is no need.
6) Over 80% of people will only be very mild. For heavens sakes don’t go to hospital if you are unwell phone ahead so staff can prepare and put on masks and protective gear.
7) Don’t attend large gatherings or events, yes send your children to school.
8 ) Only those with symptoms can spread the illness, you may shed the disease for 14 (or 24 or 29) days before symptoms. You can shed the illness after recovery.
9) You can get the illness again, you can’t catch the illness a second time.
10) This is a pandemic, this isn’t a pandemic, this might become a pandemic, pandemic is not a helpful word. Pandemic is a bit racist.
11) This came from a wet market, bat, dead snake, a virus laboratory, was a bioweapon, was a Star Trek movie plot, probably caused by 5G.
12) The Pope has and hasn’t got COVID19.
13) There’s no need to cancel travel, people should cancel unnecessary travel.
14) Pets cannot contract or carry Coronavirus, this is not a zoonotic disease, this is a zoonotic disease and has infected at least two confirmed cases of pet dogs, it’s unknown if pets can be infected calm down.
15) Wash your hands, cough into your elbow, stay home if you are sick.
16) Only trust reliable sources of information and don’t read social media.

a buddhists

Australia announces new currency, the MilliCrime


Due to inflation the base unit will replace the old $10 note, because of the cash bans if you spend more than 1000 of the new MilliCrime notes  ($10,000 in the old AUD), you will have committed a crime and be sent to prison for 2 years.

We stole this artwork form the Chaser because we were going to pay, but cash is now illegal so it was too hard to complain with impossible laws so we resorted to crimes we were more familiar with. Sorry about that guys.


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