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Immigration a costly mistake

Black pigeon speaks on immigration citing economic impact from several studies in first world countries.


The Danger Of Swedish Trucks

Saddam I am

I am Saddam

watching clips on Instagram

I hate Kuffars

Saddam I am

See this Truck, Leftist cuck?

Gonna drive it up the block!

May Allah bless the way I steer her

So when I see my rear view mirror

I’ll count how many Swedes I struck!

One Swede,

Two Swedes-


Three Swedes!

They didn’t share my ISIS creed!

Allah had given me my orders

Thank you for the open borders!

Thank you Jews! For this Opportunity!

Accept the dead as my Gratuity

Thank you Sweden for your trust,

and paying for our wanderlust

-the road to Allah nice and red

We’re not diverse until you’re dead!

Saddam I am

I am Saddam

I stole a truck

And now you’re dead!

The saddest words of tongue or pen

/Pol/ was right once again!

Anonymous Poem

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