Culleton challenges courts legitimacy

On Nation party Senator Rod Culleton launches a challenge to the legitimacy of Australian courts. He alleges there  is question as to whether they are serving the queen (which they  should be) or something/someone else.



For the people scratching their heads at this, there has been significant discussion of this exact assertion for many year in the legal research community. This the deeply ironic point, the courts may have been acting illegally, so many years.

The section 72(ii) Cullerton refers to is the power of the government to sack a Judge.

Cullerton has been embroiled in a battle with the courts over whether he was legally able to stand for the senate seat he won, the dispute arises from a larceny conviction which was annulled after he became senator. Part of his challenge may be payback or raising the stakes of his own legal battles. Scratching a little deeper he may be hinting at accusing the courts of treason.

Imagine getting all your traffic (and other) fines money back with interest after the courts are found to be acting illegally.

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