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Bernie Sanders starts porn career

The union of fluffers is predicting a significant windfall on the rumors that Bernie Sanders will begin a porn career on the back of failing in his bid to run for president. Like the cuck that he is, he threw his support behind Hillary Rodham Clinton, the woman who used a myriad of dirty tricks to attack his campaign. The rumor that Sander wishes to start a porn career, is believed to have been invented by a relatively obscure politics blog for no apparent reason.

IMF head Legarde to stand trial


Christine Lagarde, France’s finance minister, pauses during a news conference in Lisbon, Portugal, on Friday, June 10, 2011. Lagarde, who has taken her campaign to head the International Monetary Fund to India and China while keeping her fans posted on Twitter, may be poised to defeat her main rival, Agustin Carstens. Photographer: Mario Proenca/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Christine Lagarde


Munich 2106 terror attack

The popping sound is the gun shots.

Shooting in Shopping mall in Munich.


One shooter  ( believed to be of Iranian descent) then killed himself. ISIS / Daesh claimed responsibility.

9 dead, many injuries.


Two others arrested, who may have also been shooters.

Erdogan’s purge


Middle eastern military coups are generally very bloody and normally successful, the fact that this one wasn’t is a worrying sign. This ‘coup’ may have been staged, a ‘false flag’ attack to give Erdogan the trigger to purge secular opponents to his plan to further Islamize the political control of Turkey.

It also bolsters the public support for Erdogan, who has become quite authoritarian since taking  power. Since Erdogan took power journalists have been jailed and political commentators/bloggers have had websites shut down. Now Erdogan is purging academics.

Ottoman Empire 2.0 is on its way, and its on the doorstep of a economically weakened Europe that is becoming politically divided.


Immigration roulette



Let the migrants in. Most muslims are not terrorists.

Play Russian roulette. Most of the chambers are not loaded.

Just let that sink in.

Sonia Kruger ban Muslim immigration

Nice attacked on Bastille day


Over 70 wounded and probably over 50 more injured ( some of whom may soon die) when a truck driven by a terrorist deliberately into crowds celebrating Bastille Day (France’s national independence day).

Rather than showing in detail the carnage, perhaps we should focus on the solution.

Native americans fear immigration


BLM debunked

BLM in one video


Blacks accuse others of racism whether it makes sense or not.

Blacks fulls of swagger, boast, arrogance and aggression.

Blacks then abuse others and attempt to escalate the conflict.

If others move away to diffuse the conflict, expand your territory to reignite the conflict.

If Blacks get beaten in the fight, beg for the mercy you would not give if you were the victor.

If Blacks create chaos they use it as an excuse for opportunistic thefts and perusing delusional legal actions against those you attacked.

Blacks completely absolve themselves for stealing from the man you attacked.


===============Black Lives Matter===========

This video is the entire Black Lives Matter movement in a microcosm, their delusional beliefs, their memory holing of their own misdeeds, the excuse for rage at their victims.

So when they say ‘Black Lives Matter’, they are saying that other lives don’t matter.


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