“The Five Finger N*gger Discount:” Shoplifting Rampant in California Due to Rule Changes

Some people will find this hard to believe, but that’s cognitive dissonance and and decades of Marxist/politically correct indoctrination for you.



Several of the commenters on this story at Zerohedge report that breaking car windows to steal items in vehicles has become an epidemic in the Golden State, now a turd world clusterfreak of browns and blacks at each others throats, but united in ripping off whitey. This story explains that more broken car windows and more shoplifting in California is the result of a new law that goes easier on thieves.


It turns out that thieves are smarter than politicians give them credit for, and thanks to Proposition 47 that passed in late 2014, this is something California is learning the hard way.

Proposition 47 downgraded drug possession and some theft crimes to misdemeanors in order to reduce prison and jail populations, and on that score, the referendum was successful.

However, as with most other targeted laws, Proposition 47 had other unintended consequences that were not considered.

Now that…

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