Stefan Molyneux on Sadiq Khan

London has fallen in the eyes of Stefan and the time for calm is over. Take from that what you will.

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  1. astute angle

    Good up to a point, but especially being Irish-born, he must know that in-group preferences are just as prevalent among whites. Look at Thursday’s election results from the Six Counties. Additionally, it should be obvious that Sadiq Khan will moderate his views in public now that he is mayor. Does Molyneux seriously think that Khan is going to impose prohibition throughout the Smoke? Will Jihadi warriors march through Kilburn and shut down all the Irish pubs? I mean, give over.

    • Maybe you should look into the concept of ‘shifting the overton window’ in English that means ‘slippery slope’ or ‘dangerous precedent’. More Muslims in the west has meant more violence and terror int he west. Muslims in political power in the west will mean more enforced tolerance of Muslim privilege, violence and terrorism.

      • astute angle

        I’m aware of what you mean and I do not support Islamification in any form. I’m quite aware that Khan’s election could result in creeping Islamification, but I think that Molyneux is wrong when he suggests that in-group preferencing is solely a non-white trait.

        I share Molyneux’s depression about London having a mayor, who was not merely brought up as a Muslim (presumably without any choice in the matter), but one who is a political Islamist. Fifty years ago ‘Swinging’ London was the most liberal and progressive, in the true sense of each word, cities in the world. Now look at it.

      • The lack of in-group preference displayed by western politicians is much more pronounced in western countries than in other countries. London is where progressive (Marxist) and liberal attitudes lead. If you cant understand that an open border leads to the worst people entering , leave your front door unlocked and open for just a week.

      • astute angle

        I can fully understand it and I have already said so on my own blog. BTW the people who call themselves ‘liberal progressives’ are neither. People who are genuinely liberal and progressive are opposed to Islam.

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