The new George Soros funded AstroTurf bowel movement will be pushing the concept of Democracy Spring which will manifest as protests and riots against presidential candidate Trump.

So lets look at and analyses their propaganda.


Democracy spring, all of these spring movements (Arab spring) are false flags funded by oligarchs to get done via violent uprising what they can’t get done through normal bribery and political manipulation.

A red star, the red star is most commonly associated with communism, not democracy, so there is a subtle clue right there. So really the word democracy can be replace with communism. its a communist spring.

“sit with thousands to save ‘democracy’ for millions”

Thousands sitting (doing nothing useful) to save communism millions. That sounds like communist committees being oh so high, noble and entitled as to think their ideas should dictate the lives of others. Of course the brainwashed leftists that will go to theses riots want see past the cognitive dissonance. they are blockading and rioting to disrupt the function of democratic process (a political rally) while claiming to be saving democracy.

1) The United states of America is a republic.

2) Some government officials (such as the president) are elected democratically.

3) Rioting or protesting against a political rally is illegal as it prevents democratic process.

4) These useful idiot can’t see that Obama is a tyrant  they should be trying to remove him not reinstall another leftist tyrant.

5) Democracies are generally politically unstable and tent towards less personal freedom.

6) If a Marxist overthrow is successful the useful idiots will be executed.




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