NZ flag vote debacle

So new Zealand needs a new flag. Well about as much as the titanic needed a new flag after it hit that iceberg. Really this is just a $25M dollar distraction for Teflon John Key to keep people thinking about anything except the real problems.

It turns out that even non citizen residents can vote on the whether to replace the old flag. One of New Zealand’s veteran third party politicians is all antsy about it.

But rightly so, why would you let foreign national vote on changing your national identity? One of the original polls state 69% of the population didn’t want the change the flag in the first place. So we thought we would throw out some suggestion for flags, some we found on the internet some we made ourselves.



Due to the likelihood of New Zealand becoming a failed state we thought we would offer this one. Yes the state failed, it wasn’t the people’s fault.

other zealand flag not ozzy

So in the event New Zealand defaults on its debts it might (or might be forced to) exercise its option to join the commonwealth of Australia making John Key’s frauds your problem.



This flag more or less sums up the peoples feelings about the New Zealand  government, and strangely sums up the feelings of the New Zealand government to its people.



This flag sums up peoples feeling toward the nepotism, corruption, spying and censorship of New Zealand leading to general poverty and starvation in children. They always call them selves ‘great leader’.

other zealand flag domestic

New Zealand is also a world leader in skyrocketing rates of domestic violence. Helen Clark really did a great job advancing the status of women, you go girl, get that UN job. Air brush those cracks away.


And here is the foreign exchange swindler himself with and image board mash up of a flag.

other zealand flag john key

On of the ‘approved’ designs looked like a mash up of the all blacks rugby jersey and the original flag. It wouldn’t surprise a lot of people if this wasn’t a paid product placement. so maybe part of the flag is for rent.


Some New Zealand politician have been thinking up their own flags, i think this one is a little too similar to another flag. at least it doesn’t look like Australia’s flag in this case.

new-zealand-flag 2

these were the approve designs, the one on the upper right is the contender for the play off with the current flag.



the flag breaks with the ‘field of blue’ theme for obvious reasons. New Zealand soon to be a vassal state of China? They are certainly buying up all the farmland.


other zealand flag dprbc

On the subject of peoples democratic republics, how about some truth in advertising?


This flag represent the fears New Zealanders’ have about joining the Commonwealth of Australia as a state, imagine being landed with this as a state flag, just a bit of light sledging mate.

other zealand flag sorry letter

New Zealand government finally gets some professional help and start trying to acknowledge its problems and troublesome past.



So no wonder 600,000 New Zealanders live in Australia and only 64,000 Australians live in New Zealand.


Addition a last surge entry:


To celebrate the 25 % of the population who regularly smoke cannabis, this flag show a popular technique, ‘knives’ and the almost total lack of domestic gas supply.

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