How do you say “Howdy Partner” in Arabic?

Haha, my life is complete : X- files producer and writer Chris Carter has – predictably- been  accused of Islamophobia, because, shock, horror, Muslim terrorists in episode 5 of the new X -files (Babylon) blow stuff up and  speak Arabic,omg, Who would have thunk ?. But it gets worse…ah…better, because “red neck music” is celebrated in this episode, along with Stetson hats. And then Mulder utters “we need something to trump all hate. “Trump” all hate. Let that sink in for a moment.

The X-files reboot  currently enjoys huge ratings success. With his episode Carter has done the unthinkable : far from turning the X-files into a space alien chasing nostalgia show , he has decided to do what the X-files did  at the height of it’s popularity : examine our worst fears (and then make fun of them). And currently human terrorism trumps that of monsters and aliens. Carter still has his finger on the pulse of society and doesn’t shy away from controversy either.

In this (badly written) article the writer accuses Chris Carter of doing  the very thing he wants to critique :inciting hatred.

The usual chestnuts :”killing infidels is not prescribed in the Koran (It is). Most Muslims don’t speak Arabic (a lot of the terrorists sure do). But it appears that the writer has completely misunderstood Carter’s intentions :Carter was not out to criticize Islamophobia, he came to criticize Islamic terrorism. On the Fox network of all places (which is why it was allowed to happen.)

Needless to say, the episode has garnered mostly bad reviews from the politically correct mainstream press.

But who cares if it’s got Mulder line dancing to “Achy breaky heart” and flirting with Scully while philosophizing about the state of the universe?

Yee-haa …or in this case :  ho hey!






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