NZ signs TPPA amid huge protests



Despite much of Auckland’s CBD being shut down with multiple intersection sit-ins and even the iconic Auckland harbor bridge likewise shut down, John Key signed the TPPA deal locking New Zealand into onerous binding trade agreements.

Most likely this spells the death blow for the struggling New Zealand economy, which some pundits argue never really recovered for the 1987 Wall street stock market crash. New Zealand is another Greece in the making, with multinational corporate vultures already circling the trapped prey.

For New Zealand now the TPPA is law, but for how long will the law be respected in New Zealand?

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  1. Lori Wallach’s talk in Auckland helped to inform people about this devious TPP and what it will do to our sovereignty. The mass media will try to make this issue be one of law and order so people will be afraid to stand up and protest for their basic human values.

  2. Lori Wallach’s talk in NZ recently helped to inform people about the TPP and its implications for us. Mainstream media are making this issue appear to be one of law and order to suppress the anti TPP message. Sad state for our democracy!

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