Armistice day vs singles day

So you may have seen the odd poppy around yesterday, that was to commemorate the end of the great war, world war one as it was later known as it had a a sequel in world war 2.

That was to remember your ancestors who died in trenches in places like France from bullets bombs , grenades, poison gas and charging machine guns. They lived fought and died in cold stinking muddy and icy squalor for years. Rats grew so large from eating corpses they the resembled  dogs. The entire war was really a game between two rival royal cousins over money and who could kill the most peasants.


While certainly armistice day is much bigger in the UK and Europe than here and we put more attention into ANZAC day we should not let a Chinese shopping festival overshadow it.

I think its pretty insulting to the memory of the dead that we even care about Chinese people in China having a shopping festival, regardless of how much they spend.


People died face down in the mud, some even being swallowed up by the mud because they believed they were fighting for the freedom of future generations.


They didn’t die in the mud so you could celebrate a Chinese shopping festival.

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