Vegemite black label banned in Canberra


Politicians and journalists have fallen foul of their Vegemite black label addiction.

Due to increasing reports of rambling idiots in the remote community known as Canberra,Vegemite sales have been banned. A particular culprit was the ‘Black label’ extra strength Vegemite known to turn an  inoffensive politician into a rambling belligerent idiot.

The Vegemite corporation spokesman stated today:
“It’s sad we have had to restrict sales of our iconic product to this remote community, but in light of recent events its
probably best we remove our product from these brain dead Canberra retards”

  • Vegemite Fun facts
    Invented in Melbourne in 1922.
    Made from brewers yeast.
    Cannot be use to brew alcohol as the yeast is dead and the resultant product is far too salty to support living yeast.Vegemite Contains no detectable levels of alcohol.
  • Vegemite contains large quantities of salt and a variety of B group vitamins.

For those unfamiliar with Vegemite. Imagine a chocolate colored grease that is edible and has a very salty yeasty sticky taste. The best description is if you boiled down a 4 six packs of beer until it reached the consistency of a paste, Vegemite would be similar.

It is commonly consumed on buttered toast or in sandwiches, or served to unsuspecting foreigners, though the possibilities are endless.

Vegemite a true acquired taste.

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