Flowchart of civilization destruction

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You really need to see this on a really big screen.

 The word “dysgenic” was first used, as an adjective, about 1915, by  David Starr Jordan, describing the dysgenic effect of World war I. Jordan believed that healthy men were as likely to die in modern warfare as anyone else, and that war killed only the physically healthy men of the populace whilst preserving the disabled at home. Stolen straight from Wikipedia.

In essence war weakens a society immediately and for generations to come.


So an entirely plausible chart showing causes and effects of various social institutions and political themes leading to a feedback loop between banks and those pushing progressive (politically correct) culture.  Was this actually planned this way of was it an accidental consequence of different groups lust for power at all costs?  Either way it is a very interesting analysis of some very big issues. There is the further prong to the assault of attacking logical reasoning also, to prevent people from comprehending what is actually going on.


One can almost image it as a power point presentation being displayed somewhere quite vile.

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  1. You’re not supposed to know this, much less say it! The official brainwashed doctrine of the US Occupy Movement today (not originally) is that progressivism (Bernie Sanders, etc.) and the Occupy Movement are the same.

    • Sure, the brain dead Marxists did do their very best to take over the occupy movement everywhere. But here paradoxically, In the most leftist city in one of the largest welfare states in the world, a different ethic, memory and rhetoric comes from occupy. Originally there were two main strands in occupy movement around the world, the progressive/Marxist groups and the ‘tea party’ groups. Because the Marxists expected everyone except them selves to follow the rules which they continuous wanted changing when it suited them ever other group was an a disadvantage. Most non-Marxist groups were marginalized in most occupy movements. However in this one too many people put in too many dollars, hours and putting up with bullshit to simply walk away an then the Marxists claim it all as their own and sweep the bodies under the carpet. There are a whole lot of local Marxist who would have loved to have put Occupy on their protest resume as credentials , but they can’t now which is reason enough to continue stating things they find politically inconvenient. The US election is amusing in some ways, the DNC nomination should have gone to Sanders, but with vote rigging by Hillary, many Sanders supporters are going to vote Trump. Sanders would have been a much stronger candidate against Trump, So in reality the DNC have given them selves no real chance to win legitimately.

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