Ordinary people who have had enough: Revisiting the Freeman On The Land movement

Interesting article on the validity of the Freeman on he Land movement not only on the basis of it’s “alternative” legal principles but as an effective  peaceful protest movement designed to disrupt civil court proceedings to a point where they no longer become affordable for the state:

“The real impact of the Freeman movement is likely to come not from any arcane legal discovery but from a systematic peaceful protest by the public against what is perceived as the unjust abuse of the civil law. Were the disruption to the courts already engendered by this movement to be repeated on a larger and more widespread scale, it would likely cause the breakdown of civil law on the basis that the consent underlying that jurisdiction had in effect been withdrawn by a significant proportion of those involved, and that obtaining a judgement against a defendant could no longer be regarded as generally enforceable or affordable.  Without a single unlawful act being committed, those people concerned would have had a potentially far-reaching effect on our nation’s legal development whose consequences cannot at present be foreseen.”




legal fiction

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  1. Most of the knowledge one can gain from the freeman legal system theory is just that; a theory. The theory is largely correct thought not quite complete. The real trouble comes when attempting to use the knowledge. If it were only so simple that a a bit of book learning could fend of the evil system. The system does not want you to know you are on to their scam and will change the rules. So ultimately you come back full circle they are the ones with the monopoly on (state endorsed) violence and will do as they please. As long as the courts are profitable they will keep the scam afloat. This lead to a deeper learning, there really are no rules if they don’t apply to every one equally. So then you end up with the realization that it all a business negotiation and that is where the unfairness comes in as not everyone has a good bargaining position or has good haggling skills. Your straw man knowledge might give you some insight into the various loopholes existent to provide cheap ‘outs’ and ways to mitigate the damage to yourself.

    There are no rules, just the veneer of there being rules, to make the money that they demand seem legitimate.

    Once enough people realize there are no rules or fairness the scam grinds to a halt. I imagine on that day there will be shortages of rope and shovels.

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