Just how deluded can a police commissioner be? New Zealand’s Mike Bush answers the question.

Corrupt to the core, and a chilling sign of things to come.

Lauda Finem

Move along New Zealand’s police commissioner Mike Bush, like the late naked gun comic Leslie Nielson, is asking Kiwi’s to ignore the fucking obvious

Yesterday mornings New Zealand Herald ran one of the most unabashed pieces of police propaganda that has ever graced the pages of a Kiwi newspaper, and that is a record that sure as hell took some breaking.

Whilst Bush has obviously set out to reassure his adoring public, the arrogance a haughty manner in which his spin piece is written is far from reassuring, in fact it is very much the opposite. Whether Bush actually wrote the crap himself is of course open to conjecture as is the articles timing; published at a time when anti corruption campaigners, both individuals and groups, are tackling the New Zealand police force more than ever before; somewhat ironically among the accusations, the police’s spin doctored media strategiesand the corrupt practices employed with investigations, prosecutions and unwarranted name suppressions for…

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