The Sexodus part 1

Men have basically decided the rules (written and unwritten) around women, relationships and society just don’t suit them any more and are simply refusing to play. While it may seem like a fad or a phase, there are serious structural problems causing this and serious consequences including the complete collapse of society. For anyone who disbelieves the significance of this consider what would happen if women simply refused to (or were unable to) get pregnant; extinction in a generation.



Major drivers:


Dating sucks for men:

Women with either brand your confident approach as talk rape or you shy approach as creepy.

Women are encouraged to classify a wide range of male behaviors as abusive.

Women making an accusation against men are glorified regardless of whether the claim is legitimate.

Women can accuse you of rape and you will find yourself guilty until proven innocent and punished before evidence is produced.


Work sucks for men:

Men have been competing against women in the workplace for decades now, with such a large labour pool and shrinking jobs, wages and conditions, it is not easy.

Sure its hard for everybody to make a living, but men have the added pressure to make enough to at least partially support a wife and children.

Given the relatively low reward in getting married, men are simply not making the effort to climb the career ladder, some opt out of work completely.


Marriage sucks for men:

Divorce rates are high.

Access to your children post divorce is precarious.

You are likely being forced to pay for someone else’s children that you raised as you own.

Divorce is in most cases initiated by the woman.


The future?

Of course much of this is driven by feminism, but feminism’s greatest enemy is just around the corner, the sexbot.

The technology solution to women being taught to to be so antagonistic to men, is to simply recreate the desired parts of the woman sans the politically correct societal destroying baggage.

For those that think this is a fantasy observe the following analytic:


Fleshlight- a male sex toy begins to replace dating

Fleshlight- a male sex toy begins to replace dating



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  1. Honestly, after ruling the roost for thousands of years men now cry foul because of a few hardcore feminists ? It’s pathetic. As for competing against women in the workforce, that too is overstated. I reckon automation and outsourcing are the culprits. Women have always worked, the 1950s were an aberration . The fact that women are now free to get an education is also much more due to efficient contraception than feminism, there simply isn’t a huge difference between men and women when you take having children out of the equation.

    In the article, the men complains that women have given up on monogamy. I think that’s a joke. Polygamy , or better polygyny (one man , several women) has actually been more common in most societies through history and still is, believe it or not.

    I do agree on the date rape issue, that has gone out of control and is potentially a huge red flag to men, although I have not met one personally who has stopped dating because of that.

    • The few hard core feminists are not the problem, the fact they altered laws (particularly family law) the skew everything against men has really turned them off relationships with women. For many men marriage has becomes a place where you lose half of you wealth to a woman who defames you with impunity, who ransoms you for access to your children for at least a decade.

      Its about the hijacking of a system by way of idealogy.

      There re multiple factors impacting lower wages and labor over supply, outsourcing and automation add to this.

      I think everyone has given up on monogamy, but as we all know it’s obvious who the mother is when the baby is born, not so much the father. So female affairs lead to confusion as to who is the father is much more then male infidelity. So female infidelity has a bigger impact due to this effect. Not fair but that biology for you, biology wasn’t meant to be fair.

      In a way we have gone back to a feudal style polygyny with alpha males producing more children than the beta males and all the beta males being forced to support them via taxes.

  2. That’s fair enough, but I really don’t see men giving up on sex. Or on companionship with women. Also, there has been a male sexbot for a while, it’s called a vibrator.

  3. I really don’t think so . 9 billion people, you only have to find one. Besides, women outnumber men, so the chances are pretty good. If all fails, get a mailorder bride.

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