Obama Gay marriage



It would seem like something straight out of the vaunted pages of ‘The National Inquirer’, it just sounds so insane and impossible that someone with such a high public profile could be masquerading as a woman but look at the facts in the following video.

Its amazing that it could be staring you in the face all that time and you just never noticed it, what a remarkable deception.

Then there is of course the fact that there are no birth records for the ‘children’ just references in newspaper articles.


Of course there are those of you who are absolutely certain you can tell the difference between a man and a woman and Michelle Obama cant be a man, So then which one of the below pictured people was born a man?

which is a manAnswers in the comments.

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  1. If you look at Michelle’s wrists and ankles, they are tiny. Men do not have wrists and ankles like that, that is usually the giveaway with drag queens, as it can’t be faked. Yes, she has strong upper body muscles, that is not uncommon for women who work out.

    I take it this post is a joke.

    • No amount of working out is going to change your skeletal structure to the extent of head with to shoulder with going from 2.5 to 3.0. The shoulder are also far too high set and neck too muscular. That is just the first problem…. I think you are finding the hypothesis too hard to accept to consider it fairly.

      • You don’t want to consider my evidence fairly either, show me a man with wrists and and ankles like that, you will not find such a thing, unless he’s maybe a jockey and four feet tall.

  2. There are plenty of women with muscular necks, however.

  3. Also, we are all human and there will be a mix of featuers on just about anybody, that is not proof. Proof would be seing Michelle naked with a penis in real life, not a photo. Everything else is speculation. Plus I am not intersted in this as a serious proposition i n the first place.

  4. Answers to which was male quiz: All of them were born male in fact it all the same man with a sex change, Caroline Cossey. So are you sure Michelle Obama is not a man?

  5. Hahahaha, people are still looking at this years later.

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