‘I am an unperson’: ‘Racist’ DNA discoverer forced to sell Nobel Prize medal

Unperson, straight out of 1984.

vulture of critique

‘I am an unperson’: ‘Racist’ DNA discoverer forced to sell Nobel Prize medal

Published time: November 29, 2014 17:41
American geneticist James Dewey Watson (AFP Photo)

American geneticist James Dewey Watson (AFP Photo)


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  1. Sad to see that a scientist is punished for speaking about his findings. It’s a slippery slope with potentially catastrophic consequences, though — Eugenics was taken seriously not tooo long ago. There are some evil and stupid people out there that would abuse this information even though I’m sure it’s true . Still, white people have no rhythm , can’t sing and certainly can’t jump (with notable exceptions, of course). And a lot of them are pretty dumb too. But yeah, science is about honesty and truth, I get that. It also, frequently, is not about ethics, which scares some people.

    • Facts are facts, facts are independent of morality, morality is the way we chose to act upon facts.

      I wonder whether Dr Watson considered the amount of meddling in African affair by former colonial powers in his argument regarding African development. Many former colonial powers benefit by the chaos in Africa as it allows them to continue extracting resources at exploitative low costs, sometime no cost all all. Blood diamonds area good example of this.

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