3 days of Islam in Australia


Just In 3 days these news stories for Islam in Australia.

Just In 3 days these news stories for Islam in Australia.


This is why people fear the spread of Islam and mosques in Australia

This is why people fear the spread of Islam and mosques in Australia


Bendigo mosque wants to remove restrictions including opening hours, limits on political discussion and a cap on the number of worshipers.


Limiting political discussion in a mosque may be unconstitutional. Sorry I believe the  Corneloup case set the precedent for the occupy case,  the term burdening as not being interfering,  but sure demand a double standard.



New South Wales

Liverpool, Sydney; mosque auctions ISIS flag for $2000. But they try to tell you they are not connected to terrorism.





Underwood, Brisbane; federal police raid Islamic bookstore, firearm seized, apparently a makeshift shooting range was inside. Nine other warrants executed in the Brisbane area.




Currumbin, Gold Coast; Mosque gets approval despite significant protest from locals.



Federal and state government

Terror level close to being raised. I wonder why?




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  1. The question would be why the council sought to limit political discussion in the mosque to begin with…also, since when do the states care about constitutional law?

  2. Prayers in the middle of the night? So they want the equivalent of a MacDonalds all night restaurant, where people come and go at all hours. Noise would be a problem , also, all sorts of things could be hidden under cover of night. it’s ridiculous for people to want access in the middle of the night.

  3. I was bullied and harassed in Australia for total of like 6 years by ASIO. The stalking began when i wrote anti-war comments and i believed that Australia shouldn’t be involved in Iraq war.I was married and had a child. The stalking picked up when i lost my last job because of continuous harassment at work and i faced work place bullying which was totally senseless but mostly it involved someone saying to security there “he is a bad guy”.After i lost that job i used to work in another job but every second day someone will puncture my car tyres,break mirrors and damage my car so much that it ultimately became scrap.I was amazed why would anyone damage my car? Car was very much needed for my job so i lost that job in meantime i had a child to feed but these spooks didn’t care at all. I started driving a cab in Sydney for a living. I soon realized a very systematic approach of these spooks and i discussed with other cab driver who clearly knew this happens. Let me introduce a system of work place bullying in Australia where spooks run a psychological mind torture games on Aussie cabbies especially if you come from Muslim background:

    The system consists of hundred of people who travel with cabbies asking questions about personal life. For me it was always the topic “war on Iraq”
    and every time i repeated “where are wmds” these spooks went angry and mad. Every 3 rd passenger i picked up was interested in one topic “war on terror”.When i asked other cabbies they said they met once in every 2 week,s for me it was 1-3 every day.I always kept focus on its a co incidence. They slowly realized i wont change my anti-war views.In meantime , they were busy breaking into my house and damaging stuff. They spread rumors about me.They bought my friends against me. My wife thought i am crazy and kidnapped my son and went into another country. The spooks then every discussed war on terror with asking “are you married?” ” you have a child” “your child has been kidnapped” while laughing. Since i had no other option, i continued job and everyday saw this torture. I tried to reach the AGE newspapers, the reporters told me “they are helpless”.Then stalking got real worst and angry ,they almost punched me in my cab. they continuously harassed me asking about my son and if i regret “where are wmds?”Then they start punching my car tyres and blowing up circuits.They would send gays and transsexuals to offer free sex. At end days, one of them laughed and said “Can kill you the way we like because we are above the law we are the God” Then i got a job at KFC again my co workers were interested in WMDs and if i have son? and how my partner kidnapped it? Mind you when my son was kidnapped Aussie police told me “since i am not Aussie citizen, i am not entitled to equal protection of law”.I went to police and police said “you are insane or is it that you have terrorist activity in mind?” These spooks own the police,medical everything,I was followed everywhere and iphone turned on remotely.They hated when i walked outside home without phone. They used to turn on my laptop from turn off state.It was clearly water boarding but who will hold the guilty accountable?Just because someone opposes a war means he should be treated like a criminal? If i was a terrorists why i didn’t hurt the country i lived for 6 years which clearly some psycho freaks are controlling these programs and have no interest in doing the right thing.

    I ultimately left Australia but moments i was leaving a police officers walked me at airport laughing and saying “wmds”.I never came back to Australia.Australia is a kidnapper of my son, destruction of my life and i know now press will never dare help me because torturers runs the country.Hilter used to prosecute Jews how is this different to what Hilter did to Jews? Was i a Jew in Hilter country when i was in Australia?

  4. The question asked everyday at job(especially when i drove cab) as part of work bullying program always follow the same pattern and sequence.If any of you face that, try to avoid answering the moment you do these psycho freaks pressure you “i am just asking” and repeating they are curious. How ASIO is punishing minorities and ordinary Aussies is literally insane and psycho but i know no one in press can dare talk about this torture.Their famous war on terror interviews at workplaces always use following question.The first question is
    “you look arab?”
    then the drill start
    what do you think of war on terror?
    was it right?
    iraq was liberated?
    afghanistan did 9/11?
    why you say 9/11 is inside job?
    do you like osama bin ladin?
    are you related to bin ladin?
    do you hate australia?
    do you love australia?
    islam teaches voilence?
    what do you think of snowden?
    did snowden do leaks to help russia?
    is snowden russian spy?
    do you think 80% of comments online are made by government trolls?
    are you married?
    did you partner kidnap your son?
    do you love your son?
    did aussie courts try to help you?
    when i told them the working of duty court lawyer was delayed to help her kidnap child, they always laughed.
    they then said when is your day in court?
    then commented money is the God in Australia.
    it must be hard missing you son while laughing.
    did you do your son dna test?
    do you think aussie press cares about right things?
    do you like gays?
    i am a gay myself, i will pay you $300 if you give me a BJ.
    do you think gays do not deserve same rights?
    why australia opposes gay marriages?
    should the PM allow gay marriages?
    why PM does not allow gay marriages?
    I get paid $45 an hour for sitting and asking question, and how much you make?
    then making threats to kill you.

    when you reach home
    someone has already broken into your house and damaged the property.
    your windows has mirrors broken.
    your identity documents are missing
    your laptop which you left turned off is turned off with a changed wall paper.
    they hated when i turned off iphone and would remotely turn it on so they have location service.

    This is Australia.
    In the name of national security government ruin and destroy people lives.
    Press care? nope
    judges care? you wont make it to court.
    police care? nope they are part of this.
    who is doing this ? your government.

    No press can dare report. websites won’t publish this. Truth hurts and Aussies are covering up a torture. We sure live in a very sad world. I am sure this comment won’t be published 🙂 but just wanted Aussies to know how they treated a person who lived in Australia and wished Australia good and never intended to do harm to Australia in any way but Australia is kidnapper of my child. Can UN punish Australia? No one can . Everyone is above the law.

  5. The current fighting (war) in the middle east will only serve the following purposes:
    1)The US military industrial-complex will get a boost in funding for the US and other governments.
    2)Fools who wish to be martyrs will get their wish via an air strike or a sniper bullet.
    3) Middle eastern state will still not get the full benefit of the oil being extracted from their lands.
    4) The rest of the world will give up more rights because of ‘the war on terror’.

    Truth is the first casualty of war.

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