Local socialist denies being a socialist

Right from Day one of Occupy Melbourne there were ‘powerheads’  (i.e. control freaks) lurking around looking to gain control.

Some were overt and obvious, some were covert and used proxies to do their dirty work.

Here is what we believe was one of them, perhaps giving away too much of the game plan.

Isn’t it odd that a well known local socialist denies being a socialist basically as soon as he gets to Occupy Melbourne.

Did he quit socialism? Is he now a traitor to all the ‘comrades’? Does he have to give back the toaster oven?

What else is he trying to hide?


Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”

George Orwell


I wonder if he will ever return Occupy Melbourne’s 8000 W petrol generator that went missing from trade hall where he lives and works?


More information available at:


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  1. From what I understand he claims to be an anarchist, which kind of means nothing these days anymore, as most activists claim they are anarchists. His politics are definitely socialist and I don’t even understand the logic of him denying that connection, even if he isn’t a member of a socialist party.

    What I remember is him standing up at that notorious GA in Treasury Gardens, wanting everyone to “vote” on supporting the Aboriginal Embassy, basically steamrolling the GA , when the normal procedure was “consensus” not “majority vote”. Curiously, there were at least 2 other tents there that day: socialists selling their badges. And that’s after the previous GA had decided (by consensus) that there were not going to be any tents at the park yet.

    I I also remember him screaming into a megaphone at the eviction, along with that other famous OM “anarchist ” (former member of the Greens party = socialist) and” leader of a leaderless movement ” Nick Carson to fire people up.

    Definitely a manipulator. And the Lenon/Trotsky glasses are a giveaway too.

    Maybe he is playing all sides? What could that possibly mean?

    Here he is, quoted in “The Socialist” http://www.socialistpartyaustralia.org/archives/93

    ” A Fair Australia established
    Posted by sp

    Victorian Trades Hall Council have initiated a new campaign to unite unions and community organisations in defence of basic rights. A Fair Australia is a new organisation pulled together by Victorian Trades Hall Council to see if there is the basis for unity in action by unions and community organisations.

    The first meeting was attended by around 70 organisations including Trades Hall, Brotherhood of St Lawrence, Islamic
    Council, the Council of Churches and the Ethnic Communities Council.
    Trades Hall Building Manager and well respected activist Jacob Grech told
    The Socialist that: “We hope to provide a forum for where all Australians
    can examine the issues of why is Australia less egalitarian and fair than it
    was say 20 years ago. We want to look at what this means for Australia, and
    the implications for Australia 20 years in the future if this trend is
    allowed to continue.”
    The Socialist Party in Melbourne have decided to get involved in this
    important initiative. It is unique in recent times in that it is an attempt
    to pull together unions and community groups around, not just concrete
    issues like opposition to war, but on broader issues of opposition to the
    Federal Government’s policies.

    About us
    The Socialist Party is the Australian section of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI). The CWI is a socialist organisation with groups in over 45 countries across the world. We have been active in Australia since 1985.”

    • I remember the tent embassy incident you are speaking of. Both tent (including the Aboriginal embassy) had been branded with socialist alternative in order to muddy the waters in term of who was supporting what.
      Very manipulative tactics, a hallmark of thoroughly dishonest Machiavellian people.

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