Socialists, powertripping bureaucratic dishonest squabbling and bullying

I could make such bold claims just from observation of the ways socialism has utterly failed in almost every place it has been  imposed on any community, nation or state.

But don’t believe an individual with a bald face claim not matter how credible the source is, do your own research.

Here is where an Australian based socialist  (believed to be Ben Debney) attacks and smears each others peoples characters with calls of traitor, liar, —-phobic, stare rape, etc.

Gee where is all their social justice and love of comrades when it is sorely needed? Oh that’s right that was just another lie they circulated for the useful idiots to believe.

It’s no surprise they claw each others eyes out, socialism is a dishonest and logically flawed ideology.

Do you think socialism could be the solution for you well consider this:

Socialism and the death toll.

Socialism and the death toll. Remember Nazi is short for NATional SocIalist.


Still think you and a few committed people you know can form a good committee and get things done properly?

cc-1917Remember Stalin got to be the great leader because he killed (or imprisoned) of all of his comrades who were competing for the top job, after Lenin died. Even in Lenin’s time it was not a safe happy place. More top soviet socialists were killed by their comrades than during the  civil war itself.


  It turns out that the ‘capitalist pigs’ were less blood thirsty than the cult of Karl Marx.

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  1. The person who wrote that is a serial predator who’s been booted from several organisations over 10 years for doing the same kind of shit. If you want to read the other side it’s here:

  2. By “predator” I should clarify I mean he’s a serial harasser and sexual harasser.

  3. Sometimes where there is smoke there is fire sometimes not.
    Can you give some specific example of his behavior?
    There should be some well know incidents if this has been going on for 10 years.

  4. Sending unwanted text messages and emails to women who had rejected him. In one case up to a year after. There are at least 3 women I know of who this has happened to. He’s also interfered in the relationships of women he knows as friends. He did this with the rape survivor in the IWW, trying to use the situation for his own purposes. Something similar happened to another woman I know after he was expelled from IWW. He also harasses men or women who he’s had conflict with. Sending endless angry messages. He continued to harass some of my friends for about a year after he was expelled from IWW. If you want more details then I can email you. I don’t have permission to be posting specific stuff about any individuals here. If you ask around though you’ll find he’s pretty well known.

  5. He’s had his membership application for Melbourne Anarchist Club rejected for these reasons a couple of years back. He was expelled from Anarchist Memes too. He has engaged in other destructive behavior for which he wasn’t expelled from groups because he just left them.

  6. I mean it has not entered the physical realm, which is why I clarified. Though I really hope you don’t think being harassed for months/years on end is nothing.

  7. BTW despite all his bitching about socialists and claiming not to be one, here he is doing cover art for their election campaign. I doubt he actually supports them, they’re just the only people stupid enough to work with him any more:

  8. Also Sarah was one of the people I *didn’t* name in that list because she apologised for her behavior. Obviously though she doesn’t feel sorry enough not to help a fucking serial stalker be involved in activism again.

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