Stefan Moylneux on Michael Brown and Ferguson riots


Great work from Stefan Molyneux, cutting through the bullshit once again.


Pants up, don’t loot.



 Just because the police are assholes, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t.


Ferguson MO protest riots tagged


Ballistics seem to indicate that Michael Brown (a Football player) was charging at the the officer who shot him.


Michael Brown Ferguson MI

Analysis of the pattern of hand gun shots seems to indicate a shooter who shot in a hurry in a tense situation, starting by jerking the trigger then tightening his grip, then too little trigger pressure. The last shot seem to be pushing anticipation recoil or perhaps even impact of the charging assailant.

michael Brown Ballistics 1

19 Nov 2014 this image just had to be added:


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  1. You need to correct your “ferguson-mi-protest-riots-tagged.png” picture. You need to change “MI” to “MO”. Ferguson is in Missouri. “MI” is the abbreviation for Michigan.

  2. Idiots is a group of people who do stupid things. Mobs. Gangs. terrorists. Subversives. Insurgents. Invaders all apply here.

    • I think terrorist is the modern term for people who impose terror on anyone and everyone to get their way politically.

      • I think the riots in Ferguson very much were a form of terrorism, but Black people can’t be criticized in such a way, its against the politically correct (newspeak) agenda. The concept terrorist has been defined in a very interesting way by the media for their own purposes. The Media is defined people with legal knowledge and legal paper work, (claims, liens, affidavits) to be ‘paper terrorists’. Can one really be a terrorist for making (or rebutting) a legal claim on a piece of paper? Can you see the massive double standard here? Think about why the media is trying to paint it this way.

    • There is certainly an element of ‘useful idiot’ to the unrest in Ferguson ( and other places in the western world ), but some of the activity is directed to be deliberately socially corrosive. If you do some research into ‘Cultural Marxism’ you will probably find that Blacks are a group targeted by Marxists to be foot soldiers in destabilizing the host society. Marxists gave up trying to recruit ‘the working class’ to be their foot soldiers. The ‘working class’ realized that Marxism never really benefited them. So Marxists tried to find other groups in society that felt (or could be made to feel) that they were marginalized (oppressed) and then used to promote Marxist agendas. The groups discovered were Blacks, Women, Gays, environmentalists, minority religions (and others). Of course there groups have very little in common so its quite hard to give them a coherent agenda to follow, so it largely comes down to emotionally laden sound bites and thought terminating cliches and lots of cognitive dissonance.

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