Justice Geoffrey Flick : MCC should be shot



Justice Flick, one of three appeal judges, said he had reviewed footage of the removal of the tent dress and was shocked by what he saw.

“Those who made the directions for this conduct to be pursued should be shot. It’s grossly offensive,” he said.



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Remember a knife was cutting the tent apart just inches from the back of Kerrsions neck during the incident. This knife (called a tool by Victoria Police) was provided to MCC workers by Victoria Police during the incident. One of the council workers refused to take part in the incident and walked away, though the remaining MCC workers and police mindlessly abused the young woman by tearing away her  clothes and leaving her in her underwear  on the grass.


This incident occurred the day after Victoria police were humiliated by the original tent monster action which saw Kerrison and two  other” tent monsters”  run around the park and  utterly demoralize Victoria police who felt like the fools that they were.

Clearly Victoria police don’t know the meaning of the phrase :”It’s all in good fun”

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  1. Some surprises here:
    The Herald sun saying anything in favor of Occupy Melbourne.
    A court saying anything in favor of Occupy Melbourne.
    A Justice of the court apparently not realizing firing squads are not constitutional for civilians and the constitution specifies the only death sentence in Australia currently legal is for treason.

    So if Robert Doyle is shot, are we to suspect Justice Geoffrey Flick in connection to that event?

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