Joe Hockey let them ride bikes


Joe Hockey makes the unsupported claim that poor people drive less and therefore will not suffer from petrol price increases.

While the quotes depicted here lack historical support, they do demonstrate the political figures being so far out of touch they become a liability for everyone including themselves.

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  1. Joe Hockey apologized today witht he following words :”HOCKEY: Well, whether they have or they haven’t, I am really, genuinely sorry that there is any suggestion, any suggestion at all that I or the government does not care for the most disadvantaged in the community. I am sorry about that interpretation. I’m sorry about the words. And why, because all of my life, as everyone who knows me knows, all of my life I have fought for and tried to help the most disadvantaged people in the community. And for there to be some suggestion that I have evil in my heart, when it comes to the most disadvantaged people in the community, is upsetting. But it’s more upsetting for those people in the community. So I want to make it perfectly clear to the community that if there is any suggestion that I don’t care about you or that I have evil intent towards you, I want to say that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

    Read more:

    I gather the government is in full damge control and he was forced to say those words

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