Gulf war 3 begins USA vs ISIS

Kurdistan begin selling oil to Turkey, but not via Iraq.

Kurdistan begin selling oil to Turkey, but not via Iraq.

After ISIS got too close to Kurdistan (and all that delicious oil) Obama decided it was time to make a pretext for war to defend the OIL.

Suddenly Obama cares about people since they are close to major oil supplies and some US interests.

Of course there are some calls that ISIS is just another CIA backed false flag movement, a damn convenient excuse to put troops back into the middle east and more money in the war machine.

Here are some ‘highlights’ from gulf war 2:

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  1. I don’t believe that IS is a false flag operation, but I do believe that the US meddling in that area has radicalised people and the tribal mentality- spiced up with a few dashes of islamic fundamentalism- is resurfacing. In a way Saddam Hussein was a blessing for that area, brutal as he was, because he kept a lid on all that islamic and tribal crap. They should have left him alone, but of course that was never going to happen. So yeah, i believe the US (and allies) can shoulder a fair amount of blame for the current situation. It’s a bit like Israel and Palestine, there are no good guys in this mess.

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