Insane asylum formerly known as Australia now calling for “qualified” grandparents

In  a move  equally insane to Sweden’s “Political Correctness  laws “, the government productivity commission is now offering to pay grandparents for the caring of their grandchildren: ….  if they get childcare certificate 3 tafe qualification first.


I can hear my grandmothers and former mother-in law roaring from the grave (with laughter). What does that  even mean? Qualified grandparents?

Grandparents, provided they are not too old and frail, make wonderful additonal carers for children, as they provide experience, patience and love that younger carers and nannies  often lack.

Their most valuable contribution, however, is to add another perspective.

It is understandable that some of them could do with the extra income and it seems fair that if the government is willing to fund childcare that grandparents get their share too, especially since so many older women spent years raising their own children , therefore missing out on regular income then,  and now suffering the financial consequences.

However, by and large, being a grandparent  should be the only qualification you need for the job. Mums and Dads get a “parenting”payment if they choose to stay home to care for their offspring now. Does this mean that once grandparents have to complete a certificate 3, parents are soon to follow? After all, they are less qualified than grandparents, especially with he first child, which is often an only child these days.

The next step of this descent into hell is – of course – to make all parents and grandparents get qualified in state-brainwash-early -childhood-education , then take the money away and also , eventually, the children , branding it child abuse if you refuse to take the course. Then all children will be raised by “properly” trained robots. Welcome to to “Brave New World” and “1984” rolled into one.

It’s just another way for the government to meddle in people’s affairs and control things right from the start by brainwashing everyone into raising all children the same way (obedient citizen-slaves) without different perspectives adding another dimension. The raising of children becomes a job not much different from animal factory farming, something that is deplorable in itself.

Controlling people through laws and regulations only serves to destroy trust between people and with this even extended  families are not allowed to trust each other anymore.

Sadly, the only way to avoid this dangerous slippery slope is not to take the money in the first place.

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