Islam is not a race or a religion, its Fascism

islam truth fixed

What Islam really is.


There has been some confusion about what Islam really is, I’m glad we have now cleared up most of the misconceptions in a simple info graphic.

Remember Islam cannot be defended in a discussion because Islam requires it followers to lie about what Islam really is to protect the fascist scam that it is.

Muslim trying to tell you about Islam? Just say this one word and see then start to sweat.

TAQIYYA (tar-key-yah)

Taqiyya is the act of lying to protect or promote Islam.


Bad for the economy,

no Muslim majority nation has a GDP of over 1 billion dollars.

Probably some to do with the fact that Muslims have huge rates of unemployment and are among the least healthy people in any society. The violence theft and fraud doesn’t help either.


This isn’t a hate site,

this is a truth site,

you just hate the truth.


*If its not marked parody or mock and awe its the truth.



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  1. You misspelled “fascist” on the “info graphic”.

    • I’m glad some one was paying attention enough to notice. Spelling mistakes in memes are a real pain. I did notice it just after it went online, and I actually thought to my self “What are the odds anyone will actually care about that tiny detail?” I’m glad that is the only objection to the infographic so far, please enjoy the other visual and thought provoking ideas offered here. I will attempt to fix the mistake, though I hardly think the original will become a ‘penny black’.

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