Russia’s endgame

A very interesting analysis of the current Ukraine/Russian conflict.

Euromaidan PR

Bh0tFskCQAAfC6WSteven Davis, March 7

Russia is playing out it’s Endgame right before our eyes. When they are finished, Russia will be the masters of the entire continent, from Vladivostok to Dublin ,as well as the masters of the EU. From the Scandinavian North to the Southern reaches of the Mediterranean, Russia. Will. Rule. And they will accomplish this without firing a shot. Or, but only a few token shots which will satisfy citizens of the West that ‘at least we tried.’

Now, how is it that this could take place? It strains the credibility to imagine that any normal Russian would consider allowing their ‘Rossiya’ to bow down and become servants to Brussels!If you know anything about the Russian character, you will understand that what I’m saying here not only is true, but it makes perfect sense. Read on and you will see and understand that what is happening in…

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