Saratov Russia protest in support of Ukraine

BiFcfAbCYAE_DgwApproximately 10,000 people protest in support of Ukraine in the Russian city of Saratov

Saratov RUSSaratov: Home to significant arts institutions and significant Ukrainian and German populations

Russia begins to lose support for the war despite all the propaganda. Could this be the start of Maiden style protests in Russia. More and more evidence of  Yukanovich’s dirty deals with Russia and the oligarchs are emerging. Russia has had a similar history of oligarch control, so are Russians beginning to wake up to the possibility that change is achievable, and that freedom is a spreading contagion. Can Russians overthrow their own oligarchy like the Ukrainians have done? The first step is to see through all the lies, propaganda and fear-mongering.

This great article shows the bravery to confront force with peace and deescalate a volatile situation, an the propaganda creating the conflict where none existed.

Mrs Mamchur, who is herself half Russian, blamed a ceaseless barrage of Kremlin propaganda for creating and stoking artificial tensions between ethnic Russians and others, especially Ukrainians and Tatars, on the peninsula.

Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine are really one slavic people,” said the Colonel. “The divisions are only formalities. Whoever gave the order for this operation set brother against brother. It’s a crazy situation.

Colonel Yuri Mamchur on the Russian military occupation of Ukrainian  Crimea.

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  1. Looks to me like a celebration to mark the re-unification with Russian people of Crimea. I mean they are holding Russian flags. This is a very poor effort at propaganda. FAIL.

    This is while other territories in eastern and southern Ukraine are holding demonstration to try to also join Russia. eg Donetsk 22 March 2014

    Its hard to remain objective at this time. But does not mean one should not try.

    • It’s really hard to know exactly whats going on in this conflict. On one side you have Imperialist Putin and on the other side you have Svoboda (which has a very strong streak of fascist running through it). Gone are the days of good guys versus bad guys, its bad guys vs badder guys.

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