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Trial by Media for “Convicted Bogan Drug Trafficker”

Following Schapelle Corby’s release on parole this week, there has been an onslaught of opinions, both in mainstream publications, in comments and on social media, with the words “bogan” and “convicted drug trafficker” being repeated over and over again by many people as a pronouncement of guilt. Shades of Lindy Chamberlain here, who was also believed to be guilty by most of the public until her innocence was proven when new (forensic) evidence was found.

In Schapelle Corby’s case we need to keep in mind a few things: No fingerprinting or forensic analysis was ever performed on any of the bags or the substance itself. No CCTV footage was ever provided by any of the three airports she travelled to. She was pronounced guilty by the Indonesian kangaroo court system based only on one piece of evidence: she admitted that it was her bag. A bag that was not in her custody for most of her travel. She and her family then became victims of a government/media smear campaign, which was designed to sway public opinion against her in order to keep relations with Indonesia stable. It worked: her support fell from initially 75% of the public to now less than 10%. (See post below “Expendable”)

Meanwhile Australian airports provide a gladwrapping service for suitcases. Why? Because stories of people being unwittingly used as drug mules abound and were well known to happen even before the Corby case.

Below is an example, straight from the Facebook sewer, of how public opinion has been shaped by the media, with comments calling for restraint and support being few and far between.

While it is understandable that the government has to encourage stable relations with a highly populated muslim country on our doorstep, there is no need for us to fall for the misinformation and we need to wake up to the fact that just like Julian Assange or David Hicks, Schapelle Corby became a pawn in a political game. The reality is : individual lives are expendable and if any of Corby’s detractors ever find themselves in a similar situation, regardless of whether they are guilty or not, their government will not be there to help them. And that is why this story continues to be important : Because you’re next!

Schapelle scapegoat story: Expendable

As soon as you realize senior members of AFP (Australian Federal Police) were involved in drug smuggling at airports using baggage handlers to hide drugs in peoples bags, you can see the coverup and scapegoating going into overdrive.

This fact along with evidence disappearing everywhere or being refused, shows that this woman was framed.

The Tony Abbott prophesy

It was obvious a long way back Tony Abbot was going to ruin us.

It was obvious a long way back Tony Abbot was going to ruin us.


Spooky. how could they have known all those years ago?

Maxcoin mess

The Maxcoin launch turned into a complete disaster. The YouTube comments are surprisingly good for this video. The funny thing with crypto currency is no one every trashes a coin without shilling up their own coin.

Please do your own research before any investment.

Time to wake up

slaves asleep taggedFinding out that fiat currency puts the typical person on a hamster wheel, while allowing banksters to steal everything you produce is not hard.

Realizing that the state is not natural and relies on violence to get compliance seems obvious.

Everything done in the name of ‘National Security’ is just trying to obscure these two facts from public knowledge.

Wake up, its not that hard, a different world is possible.

CCA: Cruel Corporate America

spc coke tree tagged

Some visual thoughts on the SPC Ardmona saga

Ukraine pro democracy protest

ukraine protst 2

ukraine protest 1


On the day Victorian government was debating laws to effectively criminalize protest , protestors for Ukraine democracy met at the exact place where Robert Doyle’s Melbourne City Council brutally crushed a democracy Movement called Occupy Melbourne.

This may actually be Victoria’s last protest where protest is legal.

Yet another irony is the Ukrainian situation protest was also made illegal recently.

So I’m sure we’d love for you to have democracy Ukraine, but we don’t have it our selves.

Liberal MP calls Tony Abbott a Liar!

In a strange twist Liberal MP Sharman Stone has accused the government of lying and of “blackening the name of SPC  workers”. Tony Abbott, of course, laid the blame for SPC’s woes on the unions, greedy workers and their over-the top entitlements.  But when you analyze  the details, the accusations turn out to be completely untrue.


(See article in the age)

Only $116,400 of allowances were paid to workers in 2013, which accounts for 0.1 % of the total costs of goods. In addition, the average worker at SPC receives a yearly pay well under the national average for manufacturing.

Business Spectator’s Rob Burgess – one of the few commentators to correctly diagnose this issue – has today raised similar concerns:

” SPCA workers earning around $50,000 a year are being used as cannon fodder…

What is at risk now is what should be a large growth industry – innovative packaged fruit products with strong export outlooks. The industry around Shepparton looks likely to be shut down to allow the Abbott government to present a united front against the union moment…

While this decision was justified in terms of SPCA’s ‘excessive’ enterprise bargaining arrangements, the company’s workers are already receiving pay well below the average manufacturing wage ($67,000), and far below general full-time weekly earnings of $74,000…

The wages issue is a smoke-screen. ‘ (source: “The symbolic slaughter of SPC)

Instead, what is really to blame for Australia’s manufacturing woes are the high dollar and cheap imports. In the past, when Australia was a much smaller place, local manufacturing performed well, because it had no overseas competitors. Now, when demand is much higher than in the past, Tony Abbott clearly wants people to receive third world wages, so shareholders and CEO’s can line their pockets. Clearly there is something wrong with this picture.

This does not necessarily mean the government should pay for a bailout . Apart from the fact that Coca Cola does have enough money to bail out SPC itself, this would only be a band-aid solution, as company after company will fold under the current market conditions.

On the face of it there are only two solutions: create import tariffs (not likely to happen )or turn SPC into a worker’s co-op, or face facts that Australia will cease to be a manufacturing country .

The truth of the matter is, Australia’s manufacturing crisis has been artificially created by the intentional decades long mismanagement of the government corporation , which is in turn fuelled by the profit driven greed of the global 1% crime cartel. Time for people to wake up : Our politicians do not really want to fix the situation, they are in it to line their own pockets and those of their corporate mafia bosses. It’s always refreshing when one of them stands up and calls the current system what it is : fraudulent, plain and simple.

corporate whore

12 Inspired Actions to Outsmart Repressive Situations and Laws

Guerrilla Translation!

Amador Fernández-Savater&Leónidas Martín

The Spanish government’s latest round of anti-protest laws are as worrying as they are laughably predictable. On top of criminalizing passive resistance, the new regulation considers actions such as uploading images of police violence to YouTube, or even Tweeting about a protest, to be punishable by fines as high a 600,000€, if you decide to protest in front of any so-called “Democratic Institutions”. As George Orwell argued, “A society becomes totalitarian when its structure becomes flagrantly artificial”.

Given that this trend is growing internationally, and rather than play a cat and mouse game where normal people have the losing hand, we can turn the tables and ridicule these sorts of reactionary, short sighted, desperate measures with our greatest assets: imagination, humor and the fact that…

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Occupy Parliament – Protest to save the RIGHT to protest – Say NO to anti-protest laws.

Denis_Napthine book burning

Tuesday Feb 4 to Mayday. —Ongoing protest, starts tomorrow night at 5pm

The Napthine regime is trying to amend the Summary Offences and Sentencing Acts, ramming a Bill through Parliament that will criminalise dissent.

Under the guise of ‘combating alcohol-fuelled violence’ the amendments to the Acts smuggle with them a string of anti-democratic measures designed to limit freedom of expression and movement.

The amendments are wrapped up in purposefully ambiguous language which give police the ability to move on or arrest protestors at their own discretion. Through this Act, the Napthine government is seeking to give police extra powers, including:
➢ heightened abilities to arrest—even pre-emptively—peaceful protestors;
➢ the beefing up of ‘move on’ orders;
➢ an arsenal of harsh fines;
➢ and, a possible two year gaol term!

… and all for peacefully expressing an opinion.

These amendments need to be understood as part of a global war on dissent. It is seeking to craft authoritarian and exclusionary laws that are aimed at limiting the rights of freedom of expression, movement and the right to peaceful assembly.

Over the past decade we have heard every excuse under the sun for why the government needs to end civil rights in order to protect democracy.

Such oxymoron’s are very confusing for people who take “democratic values” seriously.
We are now aware that there is a global push to control information and to restrict the rights of individuals.

TPP, global surveillance and parameterised local police forces are working hard to crush the concept of rights and replacing it with privileges in order to create a compliant consumerist society void of community and principles.

It is no longer a cause for radical activists, the new laws will restrict freedom of association, assembly and free speech for all.

Bike riders, trade unions, environmental groups, teachers, nurses etc will all be affected.
Industrial action for better pay and working conditions may end up being a thing of the past.This is what the corporate government wants, but is it what the people want?

Soon parliament house may be adorned with official swastikas.
Soon parliament house may be adorned with official swastikas.
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