Schapelle scapegoat story: Expendable

As soon as you realize senior members of AFP (Australian Federal Police) were involved in drug smuggling at airports using baggage handlers to hide drugs in peoples bags, you can see the coverup and scapegoating going into overdrive.

This fact along with evidence disappearing everywhere or being refused, shows that this woman was framed.

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  1. The Australian media have done their job, support for Schapelle Corby , who has just been released on parole , is at an all time low, with the word”bogan” being used in virtually every article or comment made. I find it astounding, especially since innocent passengers being unwittingly used as drug mules is such a common occurence and gladwrap for suitcases is now provided at airports! I bet most people don’t know that the AFP officer heading operation Mocha , which took place at Sydney airport the day Schapelle was travelling, was later arrested and convicted for drug smuggling and is currently serving a 22 year sentence in Australia.

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