What does privatise mean?

privatise the ABC taggedThis is not to imply that I agree with what the ABC says or does, its just that what the government does not legitimately own it has no right to sell without permission from the actual owners.

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  1. I disagree.

    It is precisely “public” assets which are the products of theft. Privatization is simply a contract to return those assets properly to the free market. No one has a moral right to the wealth of someone else, let alone to steal that wealth and use it for a bureaucracy that parades around as a healthcare service. The very least that can be done to remedy that evil is to return the bureaucracy to the hands of private individuals who may run it properly as a business rather than rely on more theft to prop it up.

    • Yes the public assets are created through a form of theft called taxation, but at that point the public are told they own that asset and may gain benefit from them.
      As to the sale of such public assets on to the free market, that is a real joke these assets are sold in cozy deals and not on a free market.
      Please don’t kid you self into thinking you will be able to have voice as a small share holder.
      In almost every case where a private corporation gains control of a public asset that they did not build or pay, for it gets run into the ground an abandoned.
      A classic example of this was the first day of operation of MTM (metro) running the light rail here in Melbourne, A train broke down for lack of maintenance from the previous corporate owner’s lack of maintenance.

      Remember the tax you pay in Australia is collected by a private corporation the ATO.

      This begins to hint at the problem corporations, and you will find that governments are corporations also.
      And I agree that not has the moral right to the asset of another.

      P.S. if you disagree there is little point for superlatives, just state your case.

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