OM Hi-Jackers Still Using Dirty Tactics

So Nick Carson , Carl Scrace and Teigan Evans are still at it? The Friday Free Shop has officially distanced itself from Occupy Melbourne, but secretly they maintain an online presence via the hi-jacked website (See article below) and I’m guessing the original OM Facebook page to which only 5 people have access? Occupy Melbourne Free Kitchen and Free Shop run every Tuesday and some other days, those are the only endorsed OM events at the moment and there is a sizeable group of people involved right now. The “Media team” however, are living in the past and continue to milk the “glory” of the eviction. Doesn’t look like they really want to say or do anything, except refer to the past and their overstated role in the Occupy Movement. In addition, it now also looks like they want to use the hard work of others to aggrandize themselves, as their first line reads : “Welcome to Occupy Melbourne”.

What people may not know is, that none of the current occupiers are in any way connected to The website has long been defunct, but has now been resurrected to benefit from recent on-the ground developments and the growing popularity of Let’s not forget that was only created because occupiers were denied access to, which is tightly held by Carson and Scrace, as is the Facebook page.

Current members of Occupy Melbourne maintain an anonymous presence online for a reason : this movement should not be about personalities. It’s not a secret who we are to those involved, but it doesn’t matter who we are to the rest of the world, we are only some of many many activists involved in the movement and we have yet to achieve the high standard of the Occupy Your Homes and Occupy Sandy initiatives (for example). We are happy and proud to be part of a movement that has changed the conversation worldwide when it comes to money, bank bailouts and unemployment , but we are not interested in promoting ourselves in any way. In fact, we feel that self promotion works against the interest of the the movement.

This website is testament to the many activities OM has been involved in for the past year and a bit, while people like Carson and Scrace declared the movement dead, but continue to promote themselves under it’s banner on

This cannot be stated often enough, as they simply will not give up on their dirty and misguided approach.

How do you become a leader of a leaderless movement?

How do you become a leader of a leaderless movement?

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