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Am I VLAD I’m not in Queensland!

3 Definitions
In this Act—
association means any of the following—
(a) a corporation;
(b) an unincorporated association;
(c) a club or league;
(d) any other group of 3 or more persons by whatever name
called, whether associated formally or informally and
whether the group is legal or illegal.

I guess this means that if one of the members of a parent’s association or crochet circle commits a crime, they get an extra 15 years of prison for the crime of “association”. You don’t believe it could happen? They have already arrested Lance Priestly of Occupy Sydney for committing the crime of cooking a barbecue with the wrong “friends” and chucked him into solitary confinement without bail for a month. In Queensland, of course. But it could happen here too. Just watch out when you are participating in that sausage sizzle fundraiser for your kindergarten, you may be “associating” with 3 people or more…


The Australian Independent Media Network


When I first heard people complaining about Queensland’s VLAD laws, I thought it was a tremendous over-reaction – they didn’t have to ban all vampire movies, just the “Twilight” series would have been sufficient!

But when I discovered what it really was, I thought that I’d better investigate further. So I looked up the legislation.

Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Bill 2013

1 Short title
This Act may be cited as the Vicious Lawless Association
Disestablishment Act 2013.
2 Objects
(1) The objects of the Act are to—
(a) disestablish associations that encourage, foster or
support persons who commit serious offences; and
(b) increase public safety and security by the
disestablishment of the associations; and
(c) deny to persons who commit serious offences the
assistance and support gained from association with
other persons who participate in the affairs of the
(2) The objects are to be achieved by—
(a) imposing significant…

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What does privatise mean?

privatise the ABC taggedThis is not to imply that I agree with what the ABC says or does, its just that what the government does not legitimately own it has no right to sell without permission from the actual owners.

Shark cull: flaws in logic

flaws in logic sharks tagged

Jaws: the 70’s urban horror classic which turned sharks from fisherman’s annoyance into public enemy number one. This movie really has a lot to answer for when it comes to the way people feel about sharks. If you have ever swum at a beach you have swum with sharks, in some places there is a shark every 50 meters, less than 100 meters from the shore. I don’t just mean the innocuous sharks I even mean potential man eaters, tiger sharks and great whites.

Cold sweat thinking about it? Don’t bother, you are more likely to be struck dead by lightning.

So if there are so many sharks and they are so close to you when you are swimming why so few attacks? Simply put sharks like to eat fish and seals much more than they like to eat people, people just do not to taste good to sharks. So now that there is a knee jerk reaction to cull sharks in Western Australia in response to a fatal attack. Should we consider the culling program carried out in the 60’s and 70’s in Hawaii? Culling large adult sharks simply made room for more younger smaller sharks, they weren’t so wise as to what was good to eat, and the result was more attacks by smaller sharks. Most of the baby shark attacks were non fatal, but none the less more carnage.

Certainly a shark attack is traumatic and comes by complete surprise, often to some one enjoying some recreation making it even more horrific. But sharks have no real capacity for cruelty as we know it, cruelty requires that an individual actually considers other individuals as sentient, a shark think only in terms of eating or not eating. A shark has no malice, it is just trying to stay alive. It is folly to think of a shark having some master plan to terrorize a beach for its own sadistic pleasure. Far and aggression are probably the only behaviors it displays that could be considers emotions. There really isn’t a lot going on in the brain of that boneless mass of muscle swimming around.

shark-check list

So to sum up the shark cull:

Stupid, knee jerk, poorly thought out, trying to appear to do something, seeking to create an external enemy, bad for the oceans ecology.

This of course brings us to :

tony abbott panic tagged

The problem of perception

One of the most difficult problems in trying to explain new things to people is human perception. How do you explain to people what freedom is if they have no idea of what that is. This may sound silly but I’ll attempt to explain how your perception may deceive you as often as it can enlighten you.

For students of psychology and philosophy the following image should be familiar.


After some time you should be able to see a dog. Some of you may be wondering “Why did it take so long for me to see it?”. It does take a while because you brain must search for patterns and attempt to match up those patterns to ones stored in your brain. You have seen a dog before so eventually you recognize the outline of a dog. Your brain effectively draws a line around what is a dog and marks it as separate form all the blobs that are not a dog. In your mind you know what a dog looks like.  Without this mental image  ( or mental construct) you simply cannot see the dog. Sounds simple enough, until you consider the paradox, if you can’t see the dog until you have a mental image of what a dog looks like, how did you get the mental image in the first place? Sort of like a chicken and egg situation.

It gets even worse when you consider how did you get any mental images or constructs into your brain in the first place? what about hearing, taste, touch.

So now that your brain is a little sore over that concept. we’ll move on a little to when your brain want to see thing that are not there but seem to match a mental image (construct) but it simply can’t be true.


Try not to see the horse.

There is no horse in the picture, but its easy to imagine that there is. So this is now apparently the opposite problem, your brain is compelled to tell you something is there, when on closer inspection it is not.

This leads to another issue we want to see patterns even if they are not there. Sometimes even a vague hint at a pattern send our pattern recognition into overdrive to try to make the rest of the pattern fit the mental image we have, even if it become a stretch in places.


Try covering the face and looking again. Not so convincing now, look at the’ feet’. Some patterns we a greatly drawn to, one is faces, this is called Pareidolia ascribing patterns where the patterns are either random or are not describing what you want to interpret them as. As much as you look it and might want it to be, it is not a woman made of stone.

Summary so far, if we have no mental construct of some thing we cant see or imagine it, if something matches a mental construct we might think it is what it is not, and if part of something matches part of a known important pattern we tend to ignore the parts that don’t match and focus on the parts that do.

A relatively common phenomenon from the past is the experience of native people having first contact with Europeans on 16 and 17 century wooden ships. From the accounts of the native people, they did not perceive the huge thing on the ocean as ship, often they were perceived as giant birds. And it was not until the natives actually saw the ships up close they realize they were huge wooden boats. Their mental construct did not allow for boats to be so large.They believed such a boat was not possible and therefore must be something else, a huge bird seemed more likely but equally surprising. For the original people of Australia they perceived white skinned people as undead or ghosts because in their experience the only people with white skin were corpses.

So an entirely possible conversation in Australia at one time could have been this:

Uncle, you have to come to the beach, some undead men climbed off a giant sea bird and offered us stale food.

It’s an omen son, and not a good one.

That was when Australia looked a bit like this.


I’m sure seeing this map is firing a few pattern recognition circuits in your brain, but remember when this map was an accurate guide to peoples and borders, there was no Melbourne or state borders.

Part of this is cognitive dissonance but part is attempting to deal with concepts so new and so alien, the mind struggles.

So sorry for jarring you mind around but hopefully it will help you more clearly understand the ways your own eyes can fool you and why it happens. You may recognize it happening outside the area of visual phenomenon and you’d be right to analyze carefully.

Freedom sounds great, but what does it actually look and feel like? Would you even know if you had it?

HSBC: Escapes money laundering charges

HSBC get a slap on the wrist for money laundering. Once again proof that there is a different set of rules for massive corporation than there is for everybody else.

Too big to fail, too big to jail



Basic Income for No Work

While Phony Maggot and his cronies are trying to return Australia to the dark ages with their oxy-moronic “work for the dole scheme”, the first European country (Switzerland) is now voting on giving every adult a basic income, no matter what their work status is. The “basic income solution” is being discussed all over Europe, especially in Germany and Austria . The reality is , we live in a world where automation and third world salary debasement are putting a lot of people out of work and there is no going back, so new solutions will have to be found. Of course someone will still need to pick up rubbish and maintain parks (until robots can do this too), but these are jobs that people need to be paid for adequately, not at dole (slave) wage salaries.

The “Basic Income” was already proposed at the beginning of the 20th century by the visionary Rudolf Steiner, who claimed that when people have all they need, their creativity will lead them to do more important work in areas like science, the arts or helping the community. The cliché dole bludger sitting in front of the telly, smoking and drinking beer, often feels disenfranchised by the community , leading to depression and hopelessness. What is the point of looking for jobs that are simply not there? What is the point of trying, when you are guaranteed to be unsuccessful due to circumstances out of your control? The “basic income solution” could restore people’s dignity and enable them to express themselves in many ways.

Modern slavery: work for the dole

centerlink chain gamg tagged

The Dole as we commonly refer to it here is the unemployment benefit, money the government grudging gives you when you have no work. In a socialist country like Australia this absorbs a significant proportion of the tax dollar (along with other welfare spending). But now Tony Abbott and his liberal government in association with their corporate masters have devise a scam whereby you must work to receive money for being unemployed.

Of course this is a massive cognitive back flip, you either have a job or you don’t.

This massive policy trapdoor allows all kinds of abuses and doesn’t reduce unemployment.

There is no incentive for employers to employ people who are unemployed, they would rather wait for the free government sponsored labor to be press ganged into service.

Employees at lower levels of wages or skills are likely to be displaced in favor to the ‘working for the dole’ slaves.

Unemployment then becomes revolving door in a race to the bottom for wages and condition, with many stuck in the ’employed on the scheme getting a job’ and replacing someone else who the becomes the next victim.

These schemes have been shown not to work everywhere they are implemented.

These schemes are just a way to scapegoat the unemployed and punish people who are already suffering.

Finally this is nothing more than a way to strip the minimal wealth of the battlers ( working poor ) and encourage the vulture corporates.


Tony Abbott this is your ‘workchoices’ moment, it’s all over.

Librarian first charged in fascist anti bikie laws QLD

libarary gang tagged

A librarian has become the first woman charged under Queensland’s anti-bikie laws.

Forty-year-old Sally Kuether is accused of meeting Ronald Germain, 54, and Phillip Parmer, 60, wearing club colours at the Dayboro Hotel north-west of Brisbane last month.

The trio are alleged associates of the Life And Death motorcycle club.

They have been remanded in custody and will apply for bail in the Brisbane Magistrates Court next week.

Police say subsequent raids of two properties at Manly West and Samford Village turned up a number of illicit items, including a snake.

“A number of items were located at one of the addresses, including some dangerous drugs, drug paraphernalia and criminal gang paraphernalia,” Detective Inspector Brendan Smith said.

One of the accused has also been charged with possessing a flick knife.

By Elise Worthington and staff (ABC)

fascism potpourri tagged


First thing of course to mention is this is what you get when fascism begins creeping in, its illegal to know certain people, later on its illegal to know certain things, finally its illegal to exist.Owning a snake is illegal? What if the snake breaks in? Bongs and flick knives, teenage stuff in all reality sadly. I think I prefer all of those things to fascism.

If you read the story a little further it goes on to state the QLD government is now using PR firms to help spin the new controversial laws.

Playing Kiev Chicken: Ukraine poised for revolution

After anti protest laws were enacted already alarmed and protesting citizens stepped up their resistance to the increasingly authoritarian out of touch government.

Government has made illegal; shields, armor, helmets and gas masks for protests.

This all makes occupy look very sedate, Afghanistan veterans, barricades, guards with bats and people flouting the new ‘no armor’ laws dressed in medieval style protection, some even getting actual medieval helmets.

ukraine_protest_sign_contentfullwidthHacktivists have shut down many government websites

Ethnolingusitic_map_of_ukraineOne of the possible futures for Ukraine is a breakup into two or more states based on ethnic/linguistic lines.

AC8I7747_aShields: aluminum cladding (?), borrowed from police, 44 gallon drum, reinforced sign, plywood.

Recent laws made gas masks illegal, so all the more reason to wear one.

024838-562ee988-824c-11e3-993a-e0590e98e9fbThis guy really does not care if you know where money comes from or not, it’s beyond that for now.

ukraine-14Hey Molotov, look at those poor policemen, they have been standing in the cold for hours with no Vodka,

throw them one of your cocktails, here I’ll light it so they can see it coming.

Protesters try to break through police lines near the presidential administration building during a rally held by supporters of EU integration in KievDimitri, this not in police manual.

Dogecoin: up 500% this week, dark horse or underdog?

doge coin 1point 4 dogecoin up 500pc

It started out as an internet meme of a dog on a couch, made into the mascot of a cryptocurrrency ( similar in principle to bitcoin). But now this underdog has had a massive surge in value, increasing  by more than 500% in the last week. As stated it is similar to Bitcoin for those not acquainted with the Bitcoin/altcoin/cryptocurrency world, but has significant differences. It has a maximum number of coins at 100 Billion compared to Bitcoins 21 million. The block time ( related to transaction time) of just 1 minute compared to Bitcoins 10 minutes, and those lucky enough to have mined this coin are being rewarded with block reward shares of 500,000 DOGE.

Could DOGE be the dark horse of the crypto currency world, after all the first player in the golden age of any industry is rarely the one to survive once the industry matures.

For those still totally mystified, 1000 DOGE is currently trading at about $2.21 AUD, last week 1000 DOGE would have been about $0.19 AUD.

In keeping with the DOGECOIN theme all I can say is:

 WOW, Such currency!

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