Mr Dixon- McIvor, Happy Christmas from ACC’s CEO and staff

The story goes on, and with more details into ‘the corporation’…

Lauda Finem

Update 24th December 2013:

So what eventually happened?

Well Mr McIvor, despite ACC and Janet Tinson’s best endeavours, has survived and prevailed – congratulations Mr McIvor, we here at LF sincerely trust that you are able to completely recover sooner rather than later – Again Merry Christmas:

December 22nd, 2013: Lauda Finem published the post below

December 23th, 2013: Theres a sudden very low key Kiwi MSM news story – ACC inexplicably decides to settle with Mr Dixon-McIvor – go figure, just might have been those doc’s in a brown envelope we here at LF had received –  But who really cares – let truth prevail!!

Original post begins:

Former ACC advocate Mike Dixon-McIver will die as a result of persecution by New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Corporation.

The 75-year-old ACC advocate has long assisted people with their claims, but has been locked in a six-year battle with the corporation after it…

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