75 year old Mike Dixon-McIver Hunger Strike at ACC

Mike Dixon-McIver is an advocate for ACC (New Zealand work cover system) claimants. He was quite successful in helping claimants in getting their entitlements as per required by the law. The law that ACC sought to subvert on many occasions simply for the sake of profit. He became a thorn in the sides of ACC so the they tried to destroy him with a completely manufactured and flimsy fraud charge. The charge was thrown out of court and Mike was left with lawyers costs, which ACC refused to pay. Ultimately this lead to his bankruptcy despite the fact he did nothing wrong, and was only trying to help the people ACC wanted to defraud and destroy.

So after failed attempts to resolve the situation, Mike decide a hunger strike would be the way to draw attention to the issue.

Today :day 45

7 sharp back ground story

The bait and switch attempt by ACC, offer to resolve the matter and then pull out at the last minute.

You may be thinking “how does this affect me ?”

The very same sociopaths who lurk the corridors of ACC are slowly beginning to migrate here and take over various work cover authorities here in Australia.

Introducing Denise Cosgrove, Former CEO of ACC, now CEO at Worksafe Victoria.

Worst part is that she is not alone,

other ACC sociopaths are infiltrating Australia’s workers injury compensation institutions.

Denise Cosgrove wants to reduce your rights in law.

A more detailed picture of the vile hideous sociopathic monster DENISE COSGROVE. How do you like that for cute?
A more detailed picture of the vile hideous sociopathic monster DENISE COSGROVE. How do you like that for cute?

Denise Cosgrove gained fame for releasing to the media, details of a rape survivors treatment expenses claims. If she did that in Australia she would be likely jailed so why is she employed here in a position to do exactly the same thing?


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  1. This is spot on. Denise Cosgrove will be giving all NZ females a bad name. Yes she is a sociopath! Like most ACC staff. The ACC Board of directors like things this way, otherwise they’d sack them all.

    Re Mike Dixon-McIver: ACC are disgusting to everyone who has dealings with them. They abuse and bully and blackmail. I believe they will let Mike die, so they won’t have to bother about any arbitration of reparation payments, coz that’s the way they are.

    Can’t find out anything about anything in NZ press, coz they seem to be all gagged, or otherwise they’ve all lost their balls. Seems like everything must be run by the PMs office before it’s allowed to be printed, or are all NZ reporters and Editors on the take, or receiving cash on the side from NZ govt.

    I believe Mikes hunger strike should be NZs top story, but no, it’s nowhere to be found!

    The NZ govt, and NZ newspapers, make me want to vomit with their gutlessness.

    ACC staff in Wellington must sneak in the back way to work, so they don’t have to walk by Mike! What’s the latest news on this situation, coz I can’t find what’s happened today? Is he still alive?

    • Well we are the media now, and being that we are based in Melbourne, Australia we can say what ever we like about New Zealand. Interestingly there is very little news if ever about NZ in the Ozzy press. I think its because the press here has been told to keep us all in the dark about the economic/social policy testing ground that is NZ. We would love updates on the story, but we are scratching around for information like everyone else. Feel free to share the story.

      • Great. Please do say whatever you want about NZ (my country). You can probably find out more about whats going on over here than I can! Go for it! And NZ govt can’t gag you!!

        I think the only reason NZ didn’t score higher on the corrupt countries list, is coz everything is craftily hidden – especially from Kiwis! I believe we should realistically sit at position 1 or 2.

        I think when National lose at next years election, they will probably just sit there and refuse to go LOL! Spit their dummies or whatever. Maybe be taken back onto the space ships they arrived in.

        Have you managed to find out anything else about Mike Dixon-McIver? Day 50 today.

        I tried looking up occupynz – but it all appears to be closed there.
        Fairfax are obviously National Party supporters.

        Hope you can expose as much of the NZ govt corruption as possible.

        I will continue to try!

        Thanks Aus πŸ™‚

      • Over here Fairfax are not nearly as bad as the Murdoch press. We get quite a few good bits of journalism form The Age – Fairfax outfit.. But in each country the same media outlet can be the coverup squad of the clarion call, it’s quite strange really.

  2. Protesters march in Wellington in support of Mike Dixon-McIver’s hunger strike protest against his treatment by ACC.

    Protesters have gathered in central Wellington to support Mike Dixon-McIver, who is on a hunger strike to protest his treatment by ACC.

    Thirty people gathered at the Wellington Railway Station, before moving on to Parliament and ACC’s head office in Aitken St, where Mr Dixon-McIver has camped for 47 days.

    Mr Dixon-McIver said he was prepared to die for his cause.

    He was feeling ”pretty grim” but encouraged by support from passers-by.

    ”I’ve met some lovely people.”

    He was not eating solid food and was getting by on coffee and fruit juice.

    The 75-year-old ACC advocate has been locked in a six-year battle with the corporation after it tried to prosecute him for fraud.

    The case was thrown out and earlier this year a judge awarded Mr Dixon-McIver full legal costs of $13,000, but the corporation refused to go to mediation to discuss damages.

    Mr Dixon-McIvor said all he wanted was arbitration and ”I would pack up tonight’, but ACC had reneged on a handshake deal to enter into talks.

    Protests were also held today in Auckland, Rotorua, Gisborne, Wellington, Dunedin and Invercargill.

    ACC Spokesperson Stephanie Melville said it had offered Mr Dixon-McIver binding arbitration. (my comment: They wanted him to accept $90k or nothing!)

    ”He put conditions on accepting arbitration. We couldn’t agree to those conditions.”

    (my comment: He wanted ACC to give him the $90k upfront – in good faith – and then go to arbitration for damages – which I believe would be well over $1m. This being 6 years lost income, plus defamation, and now mental injury caused by the ACC).

    ACC continued to work towards a settlement, she said. (What settlement? His death?)

    ”We are extremely concerned about Mr Dixon-McIver’s health, and are doing everything we can to monitor his safety and well being, whilst respecting his right to protest.” (what a load of bollocks Stephanie Melvilles words are).

    Above are excerpts from a press release plus my opinion and belief in brackets, and below.

    This is the latest on Mikes plight. All I can find here!
    Notice how ACC speak with their forked-tongues.
    They make me sick.
    If they cared, they’d enter into good faith arbitration, by giving him the initial $90k and then arbitration for the rest of what they owe him!

  3. Good idea!
    Go on then!

    Stephanie Melville – the ACC NZ media spokesperson. That means you talk a load of PC garbage, and in the end you actually say nothing. Im sure she gets paid oodles to do this!

    There was a 60 minutes expose on how ACC ill treat claimants. They were interviewing someone ‘big’ from ACC – cant remember his name – but he’s over your way now! Anyway, Stephanie pulled the plug on that interview, and you could see her walking over to the ACC man who was being interviewed, and stopping the interview. LOL.

    • We have had at least two former big wigs from ACC come here to take up high profile positions in state government workplace insurance /compensation schemes. One was Denise Cosgrove here in Victoria for Work cover I cant remember the other. I’ll have to dig through some links. I’m amazed they were allowed into those positions based on the appalling track record of ACC and the very different legal situation here particularly reliant to privacy, I can only hope they will slip up on privacy issues and get axed.

      • Was his name Jensen?
        ACC NZ have been using the UNUM, and ATOS protocols to run the corporation. UNUM caused chaos and destruction, and lots of law suits in the states (and was then dropped by USA), and ATOS caused chaos in Britain – so NZ ACC thought they must be pretty good, and took their principles on board! Makes them lots of money for being very gross to NZers, and we can’t sue here in NZ. So ACC win all round.

        Now we also have the former head of WINZ on the board at ACC – Paula Rebstock.
        And the former head of the ACC Medical is now on the board of our Medical Council.
        I believe the circuit for the CEO’s and board members, goes Britain, then NZ, then Aus!

        Psychopath Cosgrove (the one who termed ACC claimants as swamp dwelling low hanging fruit) got picked by Aus, at a conference that was held in Britain, where some Aus head-hunters were too!

        If your country are employing any Brits or Kiwis over there, in any of your corporations, then it is by design, rather than a huge mistake. It would be a good idea for your press to expose them all, the former ACC NZ employees, before the damage is too late to be undone.

        1% of society are psychopaths. The unsuccessful ones are in prison, and the successful ones are heading govt corporations!

  4. http://laudafinem.com/2013/12/22/mr-dixon-mcivor-happy-christmas-from-accs-ceo-and-staff/

    Just found this link for the latest info on Mike Dixon-McIver. Its very interesting, and worth a read.

  5. HOOOOORAY!!! Well done Mike πŸ™‚

    “Hunger striker ends ACC protest
    Last updated 19:18 24/12/2013

    Hunger striker Mike Dixon-McIver has reached a settlement with ACC and ended his 50-day vigil outside its Wellington head office.

    Details of the settlement are confidential but Mr Dixon-McIver is back at his home in Upper Hutt and has resumed eating.

    He said he was thankful there had been a settlement, but would continue to campaign against what he called injustices in the ACC system.

    The 75-year-old, a former ACC advocate, had been locked in a six-year battle with the corporation after it tried to prosecute him for fraud.

    The case was thrown out and earlier this year a judge awarded Mr Dixon-McIver full legal costs of $13,000, but the corporation refused to go to mediation to discuss damages.

    In response he had been living on the street outside the Aitken St offices, surviving on coffee and fruit juice, since November.

    Thirty people joined a protest march supporting him on Saturday.

    ACC spokeswoman Stephanie Melville said it acknowledged and regretted the distress the prosecution had caused Mr Dixon-McIver.

    – Β© Fairfax NZ News”

  6. If I had been writing that article above, the heading would have read ” ACC Do The Right Thing And End Hunger Strike Protest.”

    And in the line “thirty people joined a protest march……”

    It should really read “Thirty people joined a protest march in Wellington….”, and “Protests were held all around the country in support of Mike.”

    Stephanie didn’t have much to say!

    ACC Minister had nothing to say?
    PM had nothing to say?
    ACC Board had nothing to say?

    If anyone is wondering why there weren’t more protesters outside the ACC buildings – just small groups – well there’s a law here that says you can’t gather in large groups!

    God bless Mike, and everyone who helped his cause.

    Merry Xmas πŸ™‚

  7. Found this online……….Has anyone heard or seen anything happening in Wellington – in the same spot Mike was camped. For those who arent already aware, ‘Sensitive Claimants’ is the ACC’s PC way of saying rape and sexual abuse, so that rape and sexual abuse dont sound as bad as it actually is.

    “I am continuing my fight for services and justice from ACC and recently learned of a 12 year old sensitive claimant who committed suicide in CYFS care because she wasn’t getting the health care and protection she desperately needed. This is ACC’s responsibility under the law and nobody is holding them accountable.

    A friend and I who both loath and despise ACC for what they are doing (or not doing) for sensitive claimants went chalking and protesting at ACC headoffice in Aitken Street Wellington a little while ago. We drew chalk outlines of ourselves on the footpath outside the building and put a comment inside the drawing, I put my client number and wrote “human sewage”. A passerby who supported what we were doing laid down and we drew around him.

    NOW WE WANT YOU – We want to see the whole of Aitken Street filled with body outlines of dissatisfied, tortured, neglected and abused ACC claimants. If a person has committed suicide due to ACC and health service neglect/abuse we want their families/friends to do an outline. I can picture the whole of Aitken Street covered in these outlines – what a political statement it would make to our government, ACC management, our community and our media.

    Chalking on a public footpath about a political issue is legal under the Bill of Rights and Human Rights, in fact it is illegal to remove this form of political expression due to censorship laws.

    If you are interested in participating either go there yourself, chalk and take a photo, post it to my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/jrmurphypoetmusician or contact me and we will go as a group, get photos (and video) and post on social media, also we could send copies of our protests to Judith Collins and all political parties, asking what they will do about these issues.

    Kia kaha everybody, you must stand up for yourselves and the only way to do it is together, in their faces.”

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