Protester Kindergarten, Lesson No. 5

Today children , we will be learning all about civil disobedience by blocking a city tram track. There will be plenty of mums and dads standing on the side to make sure that we are completely safe doing this, and also a handful of police to make sure we have help when we scrape our knees or someone steals our lunch money.

The tram drivers have agreed to stop the trams for 15 minutes, while we learn our lesson, which is called : “Change the old paradigm to a new paradigm.” Those who can spell the word correctly get extra gold stars and food vouchers to be redeemed at Lentil As Anything. How exiting is that!!!

If you have finshed making your masks in craft class, please bring them along.

Remember, when the teacher tells you to get off the track, all stand up and leave.

Let’s have fun changing the world!

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