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Bitcoin mania! Doubles in a week on Chinese grey money

Bitcoin surges to over $800USD doubling its price in less than a week.

Bitcoin surges to over $800USD doubling its price in less than a week.

Bitcoin sis certainly not dead. This latest price hike is apparently based on Chinese businessmen seeing the real estate market tank and tired of capital flight (and other)  laws are moving into Bitcoin. Of course many use Bitcoin as a way of avoiding taxes and regulations, avoiding regulations (and making a deal) is somewhat of a Chinese tradition. You only have to see a Chinese Buddhist monk in the middle of a group ceremonial dance stop dead to answer his mobile phone to know that making an arrangement is a very serious matter. People ate already talking about $10,000USD Bitcoins. Of course there are about 12M bitcoins in circulation and there is a  limit of 21M (by 2140), and fiat currencies (like the US Dollar) keeps spewing out more worthless paper and plastic. I doesn’t take a genius to work out scarcity is a fundamental driver of economics.

In trying to get a local take on the bitcoin market I stumbled into this local Bitcoin trader, who ran out of Bitcoins today. I’m sure s/he will try to get more.

Local Bitcoin for bank deposit merchant runs out of coins today

Local ‘Bitcoin for bank deposit’ merchant runs out of coins today

Climate Change by CO2 still not real

Today all over Australia thousands of misinformed people marched for action on climate change. They received  mainstream media coverage, had their speeches and what not, but all failed the most important point: CO2 does not, has not, and likely never will create climate change. If atmospheric CO2 ever creates climate change,  we will have all died of asphyxiation by that point as the required levels of CO2 required would be toxic to us. We would probably need 100,000 times as much CO2 to get the touted ‘green house’ effect, and honestly where would we get the CO2 from, what would we burn? How could we maintain it in the atmosphere when every photosynthetic plant and animal would be having a bonanza absorbing it.

CO2 up & temperature down, feel that cognitive dissonance!

Any barely competent scientist would tell you the graph shows now relationship  between CO2 and temperature.

Today’s marches were testament to the fact that many people can’t tell the difference between real science and propaganda.


As the warmers will be looking to pick this article apart, they may stumble onto the fact I have said some animals are photosynthetic. Technically this is true some bacteria are photosynthetic and are not plants so therefore are animals having animal biology. And there is this much larger example

The basics card F@&King explained


Not Safe For Work (NSFW) contains many uses of offensive language.

But it’s an Aussie parody of welfare policy so you’d expect that.

‘Conspiracy theorists’ more sane than the deceived

Richard Nixon former president of the USA. "I'm not a crook!"  Yeah right, mate.

Richard Nixon former president of the USA. “I’m not a crook!” Yeah right, mate.

Determination, a victory of endurance

Nick Carson (local greens party stooge, opportunist, media hijacker, vegemite addict) finally gives up the domain name after more than a year of non activity.

Finally that NGO styled embarrassment is gone.

This is your footnote to Nick Carson and his credibility for ‘fighting forever’ for occupy Melbourne.Nick Carson was not an original organizer for occupy Melbourne, he just came to the later planning meetings and offered his expertise in arranging a URL and a blog, he then used his ownership of that to slowly and steadily force everyone else out of having a voice in the OM media channels. Utter Parasite. he has apparently moved on to other victims now, good riddance

What now for, the URL sold recently for about $200? Wait and see.

Artist impression of what Nick Carson looked like when his monopoly on OccupyMelbourne URL's and media presence was broken by us.

Artist impression of what Nick Carson looked like when his monopoly on Occupymelbourne URL’s and media presence was broken by us.

Us? well we have made over 500 posts here in about 12 months and still going strong. It has been a pleasure informing you of the things you should  know, and questions you should ask yourself.

Trolling in the Key of Cat People

So following the MMM (Million Masks March ) here in Melbourne  [#MMMNov5]  the popular MMM Facebook pages suddenly came alive with all the usual trolls and  the useful idiots they cultivate.

Of course these people didn’t want to help organize the march for the 12 months of planning beforehand, they just wanted to try to hijack on the day, and once they got shut down and put in their place, they started whining and trolling on Facebook . Many never even went to the march, and felt entitled enough to criticize. Its hard enough to hear cats, and Facebook is full of cat people, and all the trolling is like putting out fire with gasoline. try to ignore Facebook, what I can tell you from OM days was that  the BS on Facebook didn’t match the reality on the ground.

We have the same problematic characters from the old OM ‘camping in the park’ days, throwing around accusations to deflect the blame from themselves. They are literally accusing the people who want accountability, for the ill deeds they themselves have done. We are talking about rapists, paedophiles, groomers, enablers and apologists : sick people. Not to mention thieves, bullies, dead beat fathers, disturbed sex addicts, and the mentally ill.

The level of Cognitive Dissonance was truly EPIC.

Let this be a warning to everyone involved in Anonymous: There are filthy characters lurking in social movements. They will use you for whatever they can get from you, whatever it is. They will manipulate you into attacking people, they will make false accusations. They will even lie to the courts to get court orders. They will ply you with drugs and alcohol, they will take advantage of you, they will exploit any weakness you have.

Is that the world you want, a dishonest, manipulative world full of scumbags and liars?

Choose your friends carefully and get your facts straight.

It looks like time to make some additions to the Provocateurs page, last chance to make apologies, you know who you are, we know who you are, and we have evidence.

P.S. a commercial lien for defamation can be really massive.

Accusing someone else for your crime is like putting out fire with gasoline…

Stand Up For Your Right

Alternative version of the famous Activist anthem, filmed in 1988 at the finale of the international Human Rights Now tour. For some reason this never fails to put a smile on my face. Even Sting sounds great on this one!

“We’re sick and tired of your ism scism game.
die and go to heaven in Jesus name,
We know when we understand,
That almighty God is living man.

You can fool some people sometime,
but you can’t fool all the people all the time
And now you see the light,
stand up for your right..”

Bob Marley

Protester Kindergarten, Lesson No. 5

Today children , we will be learning all about civil disobedience by blocking a city tram track. There will be plenty of mums and dads standing on the side to make sure that we are completely safe doing this, and also a handful of police to make sure we have help when we scrape our knees or someone steals our lunch money.

The tram drivers have agreed to stop the trams for 15 minutes, while we learn our lesson, which is called : “Change the old paradigm to a new paradigm.” Those who can spell the word correctly get extra gold stars and food vouchers to be redeemed at Lentil As Anything. How exiting is that!!!

If you have finshed making your masks in craft class, please bring them along.

Remember, when the teacher tells you to get off the track, all stand up and leave.

Let’s have fun changing the world!

Robert Fulton and the God Complex

God speaks to Robert Fulton

The God Complex: the old psychology definition for narcissistic personality disorder.

Robert Fulton is not ‘Anonymous’

Who goes to a protest advertised as the Million Mask March and doesn’t take any kind of mask or face covering, and they tries to hijack the march to blockade some tram tracks, and then attacks the organizers?

Apparently Robert Fulton does.

This is then followed by pages of mindless bleating on Facebook, and appealing to fellow retards to join in the ePenis jerk-fest.

The whole point of having masks is to prevent the individual ego from subverting the common goal of the group. Its not about you, its about us.

>Robert Fulton

> confirmed as retard

apologies to all other unconnected Robert Fultons.

Just for reference; Anonymous has always had a presence at Occupy, largely in the background. We saw Guy Fawkes masks at City Square on Day 1, Anons have worked behind the scenes for a long time.

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