Remember, Remember…

The Million Masks March worldwide event is also happening in Melbourne

When: Tuesday 5th November (Cup Day)

Where: Melbourne State Library

Time: 2pm

Afterwards there will be free food and fun at the OM Free Kitchen.



Global March against corruption!

Legislations are being passed without the peoples knowledge and/or consent.
Peoples rights are being stripped away, and liberty is at stake.
State Corporate powers misunderstand legislations, and persecute people in order to make examples out of them.
Rules are implemented and mistakenly perceived as if they are laws.
By-laws are implemented in order to protect corporate interests over the peoples well being.

Such laws target and persecute activists and whistle blowers, despite the fact that they are victimless crimes, all in the while turning a blind eye to corporate crimes.

Computer crime laws are draconian and need instant reforming!
A child downloading an mp3, or a journalist sharing an information leak, faces much more severe punishments than Wall St banking cartel thieves, murderers, rapists, and paedophiles.

In recent times, the world has seen the largest mass gatherings in history! Globally people have uninted against such corruptions as Austerity – Monsanto – NSA privacy violations – Fracking to name but a few.

Corporate Mainstream Media has remained silent on such issues.

Join us, this November 5th, in solidarity with 400+ events globally, as we cross beyond the barriers of Internet/streets, surfing the spectrum of Lulz/Activism, in the name of Freedom, Justice and Peace;

For more info on the event go to :

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  1. Michael AGUILERA


    ur probably the only person who will actual appreciate the awesomeness of this.

    but imagine a march of people wearing guy fawks masks representing challenges to authority and of anonymous (worldwide anarchist movement – associated with occupy)

    im soo gonna go. wanna come???

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