The Ten Commandments of Centrelink




  1.  What is said in centrelink queues stays in centrelink queues
  2. There is no relationship
  3. There are no jobs
  4. You will be forced to work for the dole at slavery wages
  5. Newstart will be used as a reason to stop boats coming here even though its hardly enough to survive on for one person.
  6. The queue is always longer when you are in it
  7. Centrelink workers will have ipads which are worth more than a newstart payment
  8.  Is the cutoff for single mothers to stay home. After this you need to leave your kids at home by themselves defenseless while you go and work for the dole.
  9. You hate the phrase “Get a Job”
  10. Thou shalt be told you are a ‘customer’, whilst being treated like a completely worthless employee which is effectively what you are.

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  1. 1) Centerlink queues are a great way to subtly spruik politics to the most dissafected in society, and hope they share it.

    2) what relationship? 😉

    3) Centerlink are going to have a harder time telling people how many jobs there are after shedding 1200 jobs from their call centers.

    4) sadly this is the thin end of the wedge

    5) Maybe we should use Tony Abbott’s rickety Indonesian fishing boats to make some propaganda Aussie Centerlink recipients using the boats to flee Australia, saying “too tough to live on welfare in Australia, I’m out here, Antarctica looks good”

    6) this must be true, As soon as you leave a queue it automatically becomes shorter, as soon as you join a queue it become longer.

    7) yeah there is a big profit margin in Asian sweatshop hi tech manufacturing, which has nothing to do with our lack of jobs here. Cog Dis…

    8) This never made any sense apart from inflating the scarcity and cost of childcare.

    9) There is this perception that there is a jobs tree where one can simply pluck jobs like apples or something.
    Of course the people who have his perception have probably never actually picked apples from a tree, if they had they would realize that not apple trees have apples , there is a seasonality to it, some apples are just no good, or too high to reach, and sometime the crop fails. Of course some people like those in wheel chair are going to have more trouble picking apples.
    But because you have not plucked a job-apple from the magical job tree you are just being lazy. yeah right mate, where was this tree again?

    “Get a job!” it’s kinda like shouting to a man in a rainstorm “Get an umbrella” But then not offering any further directions as to where an umbrella might be acquired.

    10) yeah they want you to think you are a customer and not a beneficiary/or executor of the trust which is a much better legal standpoint.

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