Justice North has ruled : hipster wankers do not represent the occupy movement.

With regards to the case of Muldoon against MCC, the ruling said that one person cannot mount a challenge on behalf of the whole movement, which is something that could have been established early on and avoided this huge waste of time. Lawyers should be aware of the basic fact that in order to go to court you have to “contract”, which means you have to sign in as a “Person” or “Corporation” (They are essentially the same thing in our legal system).

So , basically most of the case was dismissed on those grounds.

OM would have had to have been incorporated , which means some people could have been considered liable financially if the case was lost. It was all a huge farce ( a bit like Carl Scrace’s “enquiry”).

Personally, I would not have known any better two years ago, but I feel that law students should know those basic facts and certainly lawyers should, so it would not surprise me if this wasn’t just a huge scam by the state,court, lawyer brigade. Set up to fail from the beginning, just like the protest itself.

The rest of the country probably don’t give a damn, they voted for Phony Maggot.

(Thanks to Web Bridge for the punchy headline!)

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