The federal court case: Justice delayed AND denied

Case dismissed seems to be the summary of all of this. I’d like to hear a more skilled opinion on this voluminous document.

  Lets go over a few of the relevant basics:

1) No one ever democratically voted for Fitzroy legal service to represent Occupy Melbourne.

It was something Nick Carson announced at a GA, no discussion.

2) In speaking to one of the Fitzroy legal lawyers, I asked about Blacks law dictionary, her reply was “what’s that?”

It would be like a chef saying “what is a pot?”.

3) Similar cases in Australia recently, Corneloup and Occupy Sydney resulted in the removal of the protection of political liberty as per Crimes Act 1914  § 28 as a defense for your protest actions.

4) The same old people who pronounced Occupy Melbourne dead are still grandstanding on its corpse crying martyr and really don’t want to accept it’s still alive, but in a different form.

You can’t kill an idea.

Justice delayed is justice denied and this case was both.

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